Wednesday, November 09, 2005

About to trade my Nokia 6101 phone for a Motorola v635

A poster on a local forum asked if someone would like to trade a Motorola v635 for a Nokia 6101 and a few cash, and after I realized that the v635 was a better deal, I jumped on it. The trade will be going down at a local billiards place on Friday, after I take my Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) test.

I had the Nokia 6101 for a month, after I bought it from tmobile prepaid (wasted minutes after downloading from free WAP) and since I take care of my phones (I have 5 of them) I can probably return it to tmobile and get a replacement. The 6101 was a good phone, combining the quality and reliability of a Nokia with the small form factor of a flip phone. The RF was excellent, while the calls came in loud and clear.

I'm excited about this trade, because this will be my first bluetooth phone and it has a 1mp camera and transflash memory. Its also an MP3 player, and hopefully I won't blow out the speaker when I increase the gain.bin table.

If you're wondering, I have the following phones:
  • Nokia 3390
  • Nokia 6010*
  • Motorola v300
  • Samsung e715*
  • Nokia 6101* (until this friday)
* Unlocked phones


At 11/09/2005 7:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What about the Razor V3?


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