Thursday, November 17, 2005

Alliance computers on Dillingham has some geeks!

In this case, that's a good thing.

I went to that store 2 times and during both times, the salespeople were kind, and knowledgable in the computer parts I was looking for, especially with this visit.

Today, I went out to try and price and possibly purchase a a case for my project. I went to the usual places, compusa, Circuit City, and Personal Touch Computers, and they either didn't have the form factor I want or the price I want. In a last hope, I went to Alliance Computers on Dillingham Blvd and the salesperson there was very helpful, answering my questions professionally, and letting me take apart the cases and letting me examine them. I went into the store thinking of getting a different case from the Aspire QPack that I set my eyes on, asking her about cases with handles, or SFF cases, and she let me open them up and lift them up to weigh it. I mentioned if she had a combo of a SFF case with a handle, and she pointed me to the QPack. I then mentioned that I had a $100 budget, but she sadly informed me that it was $120. She did mention, that it'd be a worthwhile investment to save and get a higher quality case, rather than getting a cheap case and running into problems later. She even mentioned that someone else went the same route I'm going, and got a QPack and coupled it with an AMD x2 dual core processor.

If I had to give a medal for the store with the best customer service, it'll go to Alliance computers. They seem like they know their stuff in computers, and how to treat geeks like themselves. It might be the best hole in the wall I discovered so far!


At 11/18/2005 3:36 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, I would consider spending the extra money for a high quality case. I purchased a cheap case once and ended up getting a nice cut on my finger due to the sharp edges. What's also important is a good quality power supply. If all else, better if you could buy the PS and case separately, but it will cost more.

About the mom and pop shops. I don't know, if you went over there and asked all these questions about a product and not buy it, the salesperson would probably be irritated at you. Of course, it's no obligation on your part to buy. I wonder if the salesperson is going to give you the same treatment when you return. She could just ignore you. It's happened to me before. :-(


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