Sunday, November 20, 2005

A brownout just ended

For an hour, I was stuck without any electricity.

It all happened at around 0730, when I heard my UPS beep and my monitor turn off. I then realized that the electricity has gone out and my computer was running off the UPS's battery. Then I initiated hibernation to save my computer, all the while hearing a noise from behind my house (where the Fire Department's maintanance facility was). I then investigated more, and the electricity was turned off in the whole house; later, I figured out that the whole neighborhood didn't have power, when someone came to visit, saying that the main road intersection lights weren't working.

For the past hour, I realized that I couldn't live without electricity: always expecting the TV would turn on if my computer isn't working, or jumping on my computer to find out the news when I'm bored. I even couldn't eat breakfast because I coudn't warm food, or cook rice.

Luckly, it was just for an hour. If this had lasted a few days after a hurricane, then I'd just lose it (well, if this had lasted until tomorrow, then I'd have an excuse on not finishing my presentation.)


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