Friday, November 11, 2005

I officially give up on the CNA tests

I didn't even get to start the test, because I forgot my SS card card at home. The Red Cross requires a CNA test taker to have 2 forms of ID, I only had the state ID. Plus, the test room was filled with females who just finished the CNA class, probably not older than 20, all talking about normal girl stuff, and all nervous becuase its their first time taking the test.

I'm at the Apple Store at Ala Moana right now, trying to wait for someone who agreed to trade phones, so I'll post back on how it goes.

EDIT: I just came home from being out all day. The phone itself very sweet, and I think this will stop my phone buying for a few months. Its 10x better than my motorola v300, as it has an MP3 player, can add themes, takes 1mp pics w/ flash, and overall it has a solid feel.

The phone itself is unbranded, but I don't know if its unlocked.

Here's some pictures from it:

My college

A tow truck, towing a tow truck, towing a car

An area near my neighborhood


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