Sunday, November 27, 2005

Ow, my body hurts

I just came back from bathing, after working with my Dad, rearranging his workshop area. For 5 hours, I moved all kinds of wood (lumber, 2x4s, etc) various tools, metal and steel pipes, and other construction-related materials. My body hurts like heck right now, I can barely type this, and I'm hurting in places where I don't even knew I had feelings.

But, if there's some good news out of this, I learned that my job alternative is very tough if I don't shape up in school and do better, then I'll barely make out of the truck when I come home with my Dad from his work.

And even more good news: I uploaded a personal site for everyone to see more about me, and for employers to look at my online resume. The website is here and its undergoing a few construction work, so it probably won't be finished for a few weeks.


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