Saturday, November 12, 2005

Pics of my phones

The only thing I did today, was to accessorize my Motorola v635, buying an antenna and a 128mb transflash card for MP3s and pictures.

Here's my updated phone collection:

I acquired those phones over a four year period, increasing the count rapidly in this year only, with hte start of the v300, then the e715, a Nokia 6101, which was then recently traded for the v635 yesterday.

At any time, only three of those phones can be turned on at one time, with one of them able to send and receive calls, the rest has dummy SIMs.

And I thank T-Mobile USA for letting me have all of these phones, or else I'd be stuck with a lame selection that is limited by the carrier's technology. ;)


At 11/12/2005 8:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 11/14/2005 9:37 AM, Blogger Adrian said...

Its good to have backup phones, incase a phone's battery runs out or gets stolen.

Plus, its a hobby of mine. Some people collect coins, stamps etc, I prefer to go out of the box and collect phones.

Plus, I just love the look on a salesperson's face when he sees me with all of those phones in my bag.

At 11/15/2005 9:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

True, but when I was a student like yourself, I didn't have any money to buy nice electronic gadgets like that. I just had a roll of quarters and familiarity with pay phone locations.


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