Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Portable Apps

I just remembered that I had a website link to a few handy portable apps that can run on a USB thumb drive. What's so great about these apps, is that you can take it to school (or work, or a friends' house) and use them without installation!

Here's a few I got from JohnHaller.com:
I also recall seeing a USB thumb drive version of Linux, so if anyone can help me, then I'll post it here.

And if you're in the same boat as me and trying to cram all of this into your small 512mb thumb drive (along with your music, pictures and other files) then you might be upgrading your thumb drive to a 1gb version, or even a small hard drive. Speaking of music players on thumb drives, I got this killer app on mine that plays just about any MP3s I throw at it. Its called CoolPlayer, and and I found that it could play music without installation on accident, after I backed it up onto my thumb drive and tried to play a song through it on a friend's computer.

Have fun with the new software!


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