Monday, November 07, 2005

There's never a sale when a computer component fails

A 2 year old hard drive of mine (that I bought along with the other components when I first built my computer) has now died.

First, it made a clicking noise while I was downloading some files, then a few minutes later, my computer screen froze. I tried to do the three finger salute (ctrl+alt+del) but it didn't do anything, so I pressed the reset button on my computer. When I got back into Windows, I continued my thing, but then it happened again while I was updating some files. Restart again, then I'd need to restart a 3rd time. I had enough, then check the BIOS settings, where everything was normal, so I entered Windows, but still the hard drive clicked. So I powered down and disconnected the 120gb Maxtor drive (which I had problems with before, but I thought after a few months hiatus would fix everything else) and now its sitting in my computer, collecting more dust (which reminds me to buy some canned air to clean out the computer).

I'll see if I can stop by compUSA or Circuit City within the next couple of days so that I can have room to expand. But I checked yesterday's papers, and they didn't have any sales on hard drives.

This will possibly change the way I'll build my next computer.


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