Friday, November 18, 2005

Went to Best Buy's opening today, and purchased a case for my project

I went this morning, while it was raining.

Basically, its a 2 story store (like Circuit City) but they have appliances (ice boxes, washing machines, etc; like Sears) and they have some jacked up prices (lets just say that its more expensive than Compusa).

But atleast I had fun with the Cingular people on the phones, and I actually touched the Xbox 360 they had on display (I tried one game selection, and it was a video, not the game).

They opened right in time for xmas shopping, and hopefully this will stir up some competition between CC, Sears, and Sam's Club.


Afterwards, I bought the last blue Aspire QPack Alliance computers had. I took a few pics of it and will post it after I uploaded it. Its bigger than my brother's SFF case, because it can fit 2 optical drives, 2 hard drives, and a floppy, plus it can accept a full size PSU and mini ATX motherboard and it has a handle for easy carrying.

I put in my dead ATI AIW 9700 video card, a shot mobo, and a hard drive to test the size, and it can accept them beautifully.

Of course, I'll be putting in an AMD 64bit x2 3800 processor, a mini ATX mobo, dual Hard drives in RAID 1, and water cooling it for added flavor. And since I'm adding an AMD, I'll need to change the PSU.


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