Tuesday, November 22, 2005

What's happening this week

Sorry that I didn't post yesterday, but I was busy with my Routing class's midterm test. We took the Cisco test and a lot of us got low scores, even me (I got a 42 - I thought I'd score lower). Today is our security midterm, and tomorrow is our school's dress down day (where we pay $2 to wear jeans, regular shirt, you know: regular clothes) and no ties or slacks for whoever paid.

Of course, Thursday is Thanksgiving, and lunch will be at my Aunty's house (a few houses down), then its off to our cousin's house for dinner (more turkey, take out, etc) and of course enjoying it with our friends and family. Friday will be the day to shop, as its Black friday. I'll tag along, just to work off the food from the previous day, and hopefully it'll be better than last year, when we had to wait in a line just to park, then another line just to enter the store.

On the grad project, I'm thinking that this is a bad idea, because if I compare it to my current computer, only the processor will be faster (and literally doubled), while the other specs will stay practically the same (well, except I get to work with water cooling, and it'll be in a smaller case). Of course, I still need to figure out if I'll work with two computers at once with 2 monitors, keyboards and mice, or get a switch to use one equipment with 2 computers.

Oh well, Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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