Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas came, we celebrated, it left

Whew, today was a wild day.

Since we've been doing this for a few years, we all knew our places in organizing this christmas lunch. As the event was going on, we fumbled a bit because the adults wanted to sing karaoke, while the kids want to play the GameCube, so we worked harder and switched the TVs, when we could have got a VCR for the karaoke TV. Because of the karaoke, this was the longest christmas lunch, with people staying for an early dinner.

Compared to my Dad's birthday party -- which we hosted (and everyone got in everyone nerves with the placement of candies and other table favors; plus my Mom drank a bottle of the wine coolers, which she got drunk off) this gathering was flawless. As usual, everyone helped in preperation of the food, execution of the lunch itself, and enjoyed themselves during the karaoke (not as bad as the neighbors, but atleast it was quieter).

As for my christmas presents, I got a shirt from my Mom, and a $240 check, that I'll use for a hard drive, and possibly my grad project. My younger brother got a PSP that we choose a few weeks earlier, and my sister got her video iPod (a 60gb version).


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