Friday, December 23, 2005

OMFG: I have no life!

Today was a milestone in my computing life: I got 1,000 posts at the Neowin Forums!

Here's a screenshot of my 1,000th post:

I use the pyehac username, over my original username "adri1456" (which I'm trying to phase out, because I'm getting sick of the '1456' ending). Yes, I have a Power Rangers SPD sig, with an edited pic of Kermit the frog holding an SPD morpher (I believe the original pic was of Commander Cruger).

What's weird, was that I got 6x more posts in less time at another forum I browse at (maybe because it talks about cell phones, and I bonded with them).

Oh well, Merry Christmas everyone! and hopefully you have a happy New Year!

EDIT: bah, I can't even spell correctly.


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