Monday, December 12, 2005

Project "death in a box" is a go!

I just got my confirmation email from my teacher that he'll be my grad advisor.

Also, last week during christmas shopping, I bought an Antec TruePower 2.0 430watt PSU, but it won't properly fit in the case without the optical drive popping out. So, I'll be searching for a smaller optical drive (some people say that liteons make a good short drive). And last night (it bugged me while I was trying to sleep) I bought my motherboard from Its a biostar 6100 mobo, and it should come later this week or early next week.

My next target, should be the processor, but zipzoomfly has them for a dollar less than newegg (and they're both fast shippers, as I bought from them). I'm eyeing for an AMD x2 3800+ processor, so this will be the third AMD computer in the household, but will be my first AMD machine.

Finally, I'm thinking of getting 2gb of RAM, instead of the more common 1gb. I just want a machine that will play GTA:SA and vmware at the same time (or run two vmware machines: one with win2k running GTA and another with winxp running another GTA game - because I can) . I better control myself before I'll make this a monster machine. I haven't even thought of what watercooling system I should get.

Oh, and this is the last week of school for the year before the xmas break, and my older brother is coming home from a Michigan college, so it will be a good christmas. And when I got the PSU, my Mom was getting my sibling's gifts also. I'm sure that they don't read this, so its safe to put it here. My younger brother will be getting a PSP with a giga pack (unfortunately, with no game) and my younger sister will be getting an iPod video (she had a laptop in her list). As for me, I know how big this project will be, so I decided that the grad project will be my present :D Plus, I get to have two computers (which I'll somehow connect together either with a switch, or be physical with a KVM machine)


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