Tuesday, December 27, 2005

RIP: 2 year old 3g 10gb iPod

Hello Creative Microphoto 8gb MP3 player!

I broke down today and bought my 3rd MP3 player (my first being an Intel Audio MP3 player with 128mb of memory and FM tuner; and my second is my iPod) (4th, if you count my Motorola v635 with the 128mb of flash memory). I bought it from Circuit City for $260 total, and couldn't wait to get home to test it out.

At first, the touch pad was hard to control, especially the vertical pad, where I "overshot" my selection by a few lines but I'm getting used to it. The ability to show pictures is a bonus, and the FM tuner with the ability to record was a throwback to my first MP3 player (now I can listen to my favorite morning show on the bus).

The only flaw so far, is that it didn't come with an "external power adaptor", meaning that I need to connect it to my computer for five hours to charge it. And because I hate earbuds, I don't have a proper headphones to listen to my music with (although, I went to the mall tonight and raced to six stores trying to find one that matched my old 'phones).

Plus, with the user-replacable battery, hopefully this will last more than two years than what my iPod lasted.


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