Saturday, December 10, 2005

Something's wrong with my computer...

I was suppose to do some school related work at home yesterday afternoon. So after fighting the traffic (actually, I just took the bus, but it took me about 2 hours to get home, when it regularly took 1 hour) I got home and did my normal things before I work on the labs.

Since I was having computer problems since the week started, I wasn't surprised when my computer restarted about the same time as usual. I did the normal thing to solve it, but then it started to reset again. So I repeat the process until I got pissed off. I then took a break and watched some TV. When I got back, I tried powering it on again, pressing the reset button and powering off and on the PSU. I got so frustrated, that I started to reseat the video card because the monitor kept on powering off (which didn't solve it).

When I did boot into Windows, I had to reset the firefox homepage to a local file because it reverted to a website. ZoneAlarm asked if Firefox could access the internet, causing further confusion as to what the failure did. I continued to cycle through the boot process earlier this morning, to no avail. Then I went to my Mom's computer and post on various boards if I could use a PSU from the SFF computer that was supposed to be my grad project (the only PSU I used that came with the case, was the Antec PSU that came with the Antec case.) To make it worse, I spent some of the money I was saving to buy some supplies for school, and I need some extra to finish a project for another class.


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