Sunday, December 25, 2005

Sony PSP vs Apple's Video iPod

In my previous post, I mentioned that my siblings got a PSP and a video iPod from my parents. And since I'm the computer geek in the house, I got the chance to play with both of them. This is my review.

Video iPod
This is the gift my younger sister got and its the 60gb version. Compared to my 3rd generation 10gb iPod, it has a color screen, photo and video playback capability, a larger storage page and screen. The display is crisp and it displayed the photos taken from our 4mp digital camera beautifully. The size is about the same size as my 10gb iPod and since it has a larger hard drive, it feels a bit heavier.

Putting pics with iTunes was a breeze after searching via google and using some common sense. I haven't been able to add video yet, but I guess that's what using the product will do.


If Sony didn't pull that rootkit disaster, then I'd have more respect for them and the PSP, but they should have thought of the consumer. My younger brother has the PSP, with a 1gb memory stick. Since my Mom didn't buy any game, then he had to resort to connecting to the internet and listening to music for the first few hours of operation Since we failed miserably just connecting to the internet, we gave up, but my older brother installed a game on it to help him out. The game was beautiful and it didn't hiccup or anything. I thought that since the game was a PS2/xbox port, it'd have a PS2 control style, but it didn't.

The interface was done nicely, with the menu settings easy to navigate through and everything in the right places. My only gripe, is about the inputting of text. I'm used to texting on my cell phone, but some how, this felt different and got me frustrated while trying to test the internet connection. I'll get a better feel for it and what went wrong, but for some reason, that sticks out in my mind.

Of course I don't need those things, because my phone can already play video and MP3 songs ;)


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