Monday, December 19, 2005

Summary of my day

Even though I went out for a couple of hours today, I felt like I was out for the whole day.

First, I went to Walmart to print out some pictures taken by my Mom with our digital camera, and those 6x4 prints came out better than the film pics others took. Then I had to pay our cell phone bill. While I was there, the store had displays of the current phones they have, and one of them was a live model of the Samsung T809. The screen is gorgeous and the camera swivels from back to front. The keys were a bit small for my fingers, but the width and form factor felt good in my hands, compared to my flagship phone, the Motorola v635. I guess the v635 would be obsolete if it wasn't for the ability to play MP3s and have upgradable memory.

While on the trip home, we hit traffic on the roads, which extended the commute to a full 2 hours. To make it worse, I ran out of music to listen to on my phone, and there were a lot of Nexhellers using their low bitrate ringtones and radio feature (I feel sorry that they'll lose the radio in a few years).


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