Wednesday, December 07, 2005

When modern devices lose power...

My computer suddenly lost power while I was on the internet tonight. Thinking it was just a power surge (which was kinda weird, because I have a UPS) I pressed the power button. Since that didn't work, I reset the PSU. After repeating those multiple times with no luck, I gave up and decided it was someone's way of telling me to get off the computer. So I did and went to play Mario Tennis. After I lost the round to someone younger than me, I went back to my room and try again. Then I decided to pull the plug for a minute and try again. And it worked. While my computer was booting, I turned to my attention to my phone, as it has one more bar left in the battery meter after I used it as my MP3 player. I switch batteries with one that was supposed to be charged, but it wasn't, so I attempt to charge it with the charger near my bed (since my $90 Sony alarm clock's display doesn't work [making it useless for setting up] I had to make it an alarm). It failed to charge a few times, so I just left it in there, hoping that the alarm will turn on the phone and atleast wake me up for school.


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