Friday, March 31, 2006

Umbrella stopped working

Apparently, the rains has gotten so bad here, that my umbrella has just stopped protecting me from the rain and I got soaked while walking home this afternoon. I had my jacket on because its been cold lately, and this afternoons rains has been the hardest so far.

The streets were filled with water, and some even went over the sidewalk!

Thursday, March 30, 2006

New purpose in life: to build and maintain a computer hang out place

As I was commuting home, I pondered if my town had a place to go and just use a computer, play games, or just rent a laptop or desktop. Then it hit me: I can incorporate it into my computer business.

For those of you who don't know, I have a small computer repair business where I go to people's homes and fix their computer (nothing big: just minor software work; virus and spyware removal; etc) and the pay has been good (ranging from $20 to $50, depending on what they're willing to pay me - I have no set price). I thought I'll expand that business into a brick and motar store and online, but why stop there? With this idea, I'll be incorperating computer repair, with LAN gaming (or basic gaming) and a place where people can hang out (it'll have food, drinks [non-alcoholic]) and just be a place to use a computer.

I have no idea how many of these places exist in Hawaii, nor on the mainland, but this is just a brainfart and I'll toy with it. But atleast I have a goal in life, instead of working for some other person, while doing my computer biz on the side.

Itching to get a laptop

For some reason, I got the urge to check ebay for a cheap laptop (1ghz+, 512mb RAM, 30gb HD). And I was surprised at the prices: $60 to $200 for laptops ranging in those specs.

Of course, the bad news is that, some of those laptops are used, so that means the battery might be 50% drained or only capable to hold a charge for 50% of what they used to hold (the good news, is that there's other laptops that are refurbished and come with warranties on the batteries). Of course, they come with the charger/power cord to use AC power.

And more bad news: with the advent of building a second computer for a project, I'll have two computers in my room (well, actually one, because I'll rip some RAM from my current computer).

I guess I got this urge to get a laptop, after TheBus announced wifi service will be on the bus for a month and I just want to surf the internet to do something during my 1 hour bus rides to and from home. And the fact that I'll be working on my grad project, I'll need somewhere to work on my presentations and reports - and having a thumb drive won't be useful when you need to work on the presentation while on the commute home.

I'll see what I can do, and hopefully I can either get rid of this feeling, or get an awesome deal on a laptop (it can't cost me more than $300 if it'll be a low end laptop).

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Day 39 of the rains

I can't believe its been 39 days since it started to rain hard in paradise. And I'm actually running out of things to post here.

Lets see... school is going great: I have high Bs in all classes (even Intermediate Algebra) ... This friday is Graduation Project Presentations and I need to attend to see what we need to do next quarter ... my phone is full of wallpapers and MP3 songs (last count was 50 MP3s and a few dozen wallpapers) ... I guess that's all.

And if you've seen the sun, tell him that he's needed in Hawaii. This rain business is getting too much.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Brah, this ain't cold!

So, its been rainy today (what's new) and as I came out of WalMart, some haole family walked passed me, with their 10 year old child moaning "Its so cold, I'm freezing my (behind) off". As I heard that line from the boy, I wanted to say "eh brah, dis stay normal weather for here. Try go up Mauna kea or to the mainland if you want cold weather" - of course, I'd say it in pidgin just to make them have that look in their face like "WTH he's talking about?" :D But as I entered my school's lobby, the AC was blasted on so high, that I got chicken skin from the temperature adjustment from the outside weather to the inside temperature.

Monday, March 27, 2006

The sun came out! and the sky is blue!

Thought I'd never say this, but after weeks of rain, the sun came out (okay, the sun came out a few times this past week, but this is my first shot with blue skies and the sun).

Basically, paradise has been rained on for the past couple of weeks, and according to experts, this is normal weather, because we had a winter drought this past few years.

And to make it worse, people's homes were flooded, streets were flooded, and the city is currently battling a ruptured water main break. What makes this bad, is that their diverting the sewer mess into the Ala Wai canal (as if it wasn't dirty enough).

In other news... I got a myspace page! I had it for over a week now, and it gone through some major changes in the layout and addition of stuff. Yes, I'm a kid at heart and I get to express that on my page, with a Power Rangers Mystic Force background. The video is of Weird Al Yankovic's "all about the pentiums" (parody of "all about the benjamins" by Puff Daddy). There, you'll find more things about me than what I probably post here, but this will still be my main grounds for ranting/raving and communicating to the world.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Random pictures for today

I thought I'd post some random pictures I took from my camera phone from the past few weeks:

Renovation at Ala Moana Shopping Center:

Chicken Katsu Curry Lunch:

Hawaii for dummies book:

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Dell acquires Alienware!!!

Source from Dell's Website

Round Rock, Texas, March 22, 2006

Dell said Alienware will operate as a wholly owned subsidiary following completion of the transaction and will maintain its own product development, product marketing, sales, technical support and other operations as well as brand. The management and founders of Alienware will continue to operate the company as a standalone unit of Dell.

Read more at the website link above.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I know how to flash (my phone)

For some reason, I thought I'd flash my phone to get back the normal english settings, but I spent a few more minutes finding the right language pack for the phone, and now my phone is back to US english! (before it was British english).

But the bigger news, is that I know how to flash a phone! Whoever works in the cell phone industry, better watch out: becuase I know how to use a computer with my eyes closed and flash a phone! Next stop: modding a phone (actually changing the housings and faceplates).


I just spent the last few days setting up an internet connection for my vmware machines to do a small antivirus test for a class assignment (its not required, but its due next week, so I got the time and resources). Basically, I'm pinning the trial versions of Norton antivirus against NOD32 AV.

I tried every configuration known to gain internet access, but failed. This morning, I thought my sleepyness will help me, and IT DID! I just changed a few settings to regular settings (bridged the vmware connection to the physical network and assigned a static IP to the vmware machine) and poof, I got internet access.

Now I have to find that site where you can download viruses to test the internet scanning capabilities of both programs.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Woke up to thunder this morning

I was walking to the bathroom, when I passed by the lanai. I look out, and everything is dark. Everything to the south and southeast is filled with grey clouds, and its now raining kinda hard as I'm typing this.

I might post pics, but I guess its normal weather lately.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Must put down controller...

I think I did a bad thing when I got Need For Speed: Most Wanted yesterday afternoon. I originally wanted to get the demo version to use it as one of the tests for my grad project but for some reason I got it, because I wanted to "practice my skills" so that I can get the optimal stats for the test.

Of course, since I'm so impatient, I downloaded a complete saved game and just dived right into the game using that. I customized some cars (no ricers yet, only the mustang and Aston Martin DB9) and had some run ins with the police (which was way easier than running away from GTA:SA's police - as NFS:MW doesn't have multiple copters, and six levels of law enforcement, including the FBI and army).

Since I had headphones, I can hear the rumblings of the exhaust, so I guess I'll have to try it tomorrow with my speaker system on high and maybe I can finally shake my room.

I played for a couple of hours, just playing free roam, customizing cars and avoiding the cops, so I have yet to do a full review/play on it.

EDIT: March 17 @ 09:46am
Looks like I didn't see the advanced settings in the game when I originally wrote this. I went into the settings and set everything to max, but then my computer stuttered like crazy, so I am now using 640x480 with everything at 3/4 max.

It happens

I just walked home all wet and muddy because some idiot driver was going too fast and too close to the sidewalk, and splashed me and a few other people waiting for the bus. I got mud in my eyes, clothes, and in my phone.

And when I was walking home to change, it started to rain hard. When it got worse, I opened my umbrella but then the rain stopped!

Plus, today I have a math test, so I gotta atleast go to school.

Now I'm changing and in the middle of getting my backup phone up and running, plus I have to see what else was water logged.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

starting all over again

I just reformatted and reinstalled everything after a month of problems, ranging from wrong passwords to partitions erasing after a restart.

I've been reinstalling everything since about 7:45am this morning, and have got the following done:
- security updates from MS
- personal software installed, including firefox, lclock, rainlendar and partition magic.
- video card driver, and firewall/antivirus software has been updated

All I need to finish up, is to install photoshop, office, and find my username and password for NOD32 that I bought last year.

Hopefully I can fully backup everything so the next time I'll need to reformat, it can go smoother.

Well, its about 17:12, and I just about finished the reinstallation. I did away with the annoying iTunes and Quicktime programs in favor for Winamp and Media Player Classic. Heck, I gotten rid of mostly all paid software and replaced it with free open souce versions, including 7zip and leechget.

I feel that my computer is more secure and that since I enlarged the partitions a bit, I can now work comfortably with no space issues.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

[PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT] Billy Gates want vista to be like Win95 in terms of sales

Read source for complete article

Aiming to re-create the excitement that accompanied the launch of Windows 95, Microsoft is gearing up for a massive campaign to launch Windows Vista.

Chairman Bill Gates has tasked the Windows marketing team with repeating its achievements with the decade-ago launch, such as convincing scores of people to line up at retail stores to purchase the operating system.
There's FIVE computers in my house (with one more being built) ranging from low-end internet only specs to capable of playing todays and tomorrow's games at high end. If vista will cost $100 (I wish) then that alone will be $500 for basic editions, not to mention buying a seperate key to upgrade them to the varying editions that others require.

I'll need to research more on Vista and its upgrades, but I'll be one of the people who'll atleast wait a few months (up to six months) to upgrade - atleast they'll work out the kinks before then (I hope).

Sunday, March 05, 2006

I just lost everything

This afternoon, I really pushed my computer to the max: making it zip a a 4gb file, using firefox (it eats up a lot of memory) and tried to rip some songs from CD. The computer froze for a few seconds, but then acted normally. After its third or fourth froze, I had it and restarted. When I got back into windows, I didn't have my "junk partition" - a place on the hard drive where I can place just about anything it can fit - from funny images to small notes, to backed up game saves and wallpapers, especially my wallpapers. I had about a few hundred of them all ready to be choosen - ranging from the sexy, to vector images, to cars and everything inbetween. I lost my MP3 stash on a different, dedicated hard drive but that doesn't compare to the years of wallpapers I've been collecting. And this time, I actually felt like I lost a part of my life.

I guess I'll need to restart all over.

EDIT: I just realized I lost my phone stuff (software, wallpapers, ringtones and backed up songs) so that spiraled me even more towards sadness.

My new hobby: Power Rangers

Yes, you read right. I'm a big power rangers fan and I've been watching it since "the day of the dumpster" episode 14 years ago.

I just finished organizing my episode collection and I found out that I have 154 episodes (all of them important plot episodes, no fillers).

AndI don't care what anyone says about my hobby; atleast it keeps me sane and maybe I'll spend some time looking for some old school toys. My cousin already left his MMPR (season 1) toys here, so if he won't get it, then I'll get it and that'll be the base of my collection.

Thursday, March 02, 2006


I thought I'd be done early because I was installing Win2k3 by the second half of class, but I got a BSOD and I overheard from my teacher that the BSOD was caused by having a SCSI drive. So I quickly made a new virtual machine and installed NT in 15 minutes, got DNS running, and installed the latest Service Pack, but the midterm ended a few seconds after I rebooted the machine.

From what the teacher said, only three people (out of I believe 10 people), but atleast we get the opportunity to finish this on Monday.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Going strong in my courses!

So far, my grades are looking pretty strong for all of my classes!

I'm getting low As or high Bs in my Intermediate Algebra (I thought I'd get a C, but I'm getting a high B), Advanced Networking, and Tech Support classes.

The only problem now, is that my grad project has hit a snag: money won't be coming according to my timeline. My Mom promised that my grad project will be my christmas present, but I guess she's getting to bogged down on the bills (which she's paying online now). I'm able to reduce it to the bare miminum by cutting corners in the RAM, video card, and by making it an air cooled project (See here) and scrapping the small water cooled project, but if I cut anything else, then it won't be able to perform the benchmarks and tests properly.

Don't worry Mom, my graduation date is almost here and after that, you'll see your money put to good use, and finally you can rest as I'll get my CNA certificate and take care of the clients.