Saturday, April 29, 2006

Help me look for this song's title!

Okay, I thought I'd never be desperate enough to put this on blog, but yes I'm desperate. I heard this song a month ago and created this myspace account to contact a radio personality in hopes he'll help me. A month later, I have no concrete answer, but many songs added to my collection. The link to sample it is here and basically its snoop dogg rapping to the song hypnotize.

Friday, April 28, 2006

My work has ended

I just received a voicemail from my supervisor, and she said that the project eneded a few minutes ago. So, I had to work for three weeks at Hawaiian Telcom. That was a good experience, and I am now back in the unemployed line again.

EDIT: Looks like the contract we signed was voided at the termination of the project, so it looks like I'm free to work just about anywhere. I'm eyeing a job at Upnext Wirelesss (yes, that same place I almost had the job at back in January). Hopefully, now that I have a few days for full hours, I can get my foot in. I recently checked out their new store at Ala Moana Center, and it was like a showroom of cell phones! I wouldn't mind working there :D

Now I am a geek!

I just found an MP3 file of a dial up modem (remember those?) and the first instant I saw that (it was in a forum thread) I thought "ringtone!" And now guess what: its my main ringtone! :D Now people at work will probably hate me more because my cell will now emit the sound we all hate to hear when calling a customer!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Got my first pay check!

During lunch, my supervisor came in and gave us our first paychecks (atleast for me) and I got paid $500 for the last two weeks!

Unfortunately, this will go directly to my grad project, as this will buy one processor and the video card.

If I could spend this on anything, then I would choose to get a PSP with the biggest memory stick, or even a new phone with a larger memory (but my Motorola v635 is too much phone for me). Of course, the pay was because I worked atleast four days a week for the past two weeks, so the next paycheck will be much smaller because of school and that I'll be working for three days (at maximum).

Sunday, April 23, 2006


I just found a joke that made me laugh, so I'll be posting jokes here whenever I don't have anything else to talk about.

How to catch a Polar Bear.

Even though a Polar bear is a carnavor there is also a little known matter that Polar bears like peas as a treat.

So the trick to catching a polar bare is:

You have to go out onto the ice pack and cut a hole in the ice.
Once the hole is large enough you have to sprinkle peas all around the hole.

Now comes the tricky part.

When the Polar bear stops to take a pea you kick him in the ICEhole!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Stupid Kids...

I was going home yesterday when I saw these middle-school aged boys walking towards the bus stop I was waiting at. They seemed like your average preteens, but the next act just surprised me. One of the kids got on the bus sign that showed the bus routes and hung from that object, while another kid spun it around with the first kid hanging on like a merry go round. I then heard one of the other boys say "eh, don't break it like last time". I didn't recall the sign being broken at that particular bus stop, but that got me wondering. So, I took out my camera phone and quickly captured a shot of them:

Dead batteries: worse than anything

So, my wireless mouse just died because it had low energy batteries, and I spent the last 30 minutes scouring the house to find two fresh pairs of AA batteries. After that frantic search, I resumed my photoshopping and internet surfing.

If I didn't find any batteries, then I could have plugged in my wired USB mouse or use my laptop until I could have gone to the store, but I'm lazy like that. :p

Friday, April 21, 2006

Found my flash drive tonight!

For the past two weeks, I didn't know where I put my flash drive. I lost it after finals was finished and didn't thought of looking for it because I was busy with my job. It then hit me when I was at school this wednesday and I have been using my 16mb flash drive since then. For some reason, I made a frantic search for it, even showing pictures of it on my laptop to family members who last saw it: saying I grabbed it and went into my room. I then focused my search in my room, literally turning it upside down, until I searched my laptop bag. In there, I found it in on of its pockets, right next to my cell phone data cable, which I used just two days ago.

I only have one regret about doing this search, and that's doing it in the morning, because now I stink from the sweat and moving stuff, and I wanted to clean my room because its so dusty.

My 1337th post on Neowin was made today!

On December 26th of last year, I made 1,000 posts at Neowin, and four months later, I made 337 more posts, for a total of 1,337 posts! I thought I'd skip this important milestone, but I was just relaxing at home (I'll go to class later today) and I happened to just check my post count.

For those of you who don't know what the number 1337 represent, go to wikipedia where there's an article on it. Yes, its a bit childish, but we gamers gotta do something to keep us awake.

Incase you missed the moment, here's a picture of the post:

Thursday, April 20, 2006

The job is beginning to feel like "the apprentice"

Okay, maybe its not like that, but its beginning to feel like it. Two people just got let go yesterday (while I was at school), and they sat at the same computer (at different times). One of them was a former classmate of mine during the past few quarters, and another is a Heald graduate who served in the military. My classmate was known to just daze into the emptyness of the object above us that is known as the ceiling, so it wasn't no surprise. The other guy was being irate to the customers and just escalated every job, even if it was something a Heald graduate could do.

I hope that I'm not next, because I got a late start in the queue of work logs that we setup earlier this week. For the first half of the day, I worked on paper queues, because every queue was taken by other people. After I got back from lunch, I worked on what I could on the queue, and managed to get some done. It can't compare to the people who did it while I was gone, but atleast its a start. Now I have to juggle school, work, and trying to give myself time to not blow it all. Both are important to me, but if I have to rank them, then I'll choose school, because I've been doing it for a long time, and this is the closest I'm at to graduating, and I won't blow it just because I'm earning $12/hour.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

First day of the last quarter of school

So, today was the first day of my last quarter at school. My first class was my Routing class in the hell that is M7. From what I can tell in the BIOS, the three computers I have has Intel Pentium IIIs, atleast 2x 256mb of RAM, and 10gb Hard Drives; if those specs sounds familiar, that's because their about the same specs as my laptop! (and the laptop has a bit bigger screen). We have to make three machines: one running Fedora 2, another running Win2k3 Server as the Domain Controller, and another Win2k3 server as the member server. I just wished that I had security class with my teacher again, because its in the classroom where you can actually break the physical machines, and not in some vmware enviroment.

My second class for today was physics, and that class doubled in the amount of people: now its even more noisier than before! We just did basic stuff to get us acquanted with the book and the fundamentals of physics. I actually finished the homework that was assigned, thanks to the teacher's tips. I just hope that I can concentrate with all of the chatty people in the class.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Stress level is rising

I don't know if its because I'm always doing repetitive things, or because of I'm working with computers 24/7, but I'm feeling myself getting irritated to the small things, and the big things.

A few minutes ago, I had the downstairs router go down, resulting in two computers not having internet access. That led to those angry users to knock at my door while I was trying to relax. I resolved their problems in a few minutes and when I resumed my relaxtion, my own internet connection went out, resulting in a basic IP renewal.

And since I started working, I felt my stress level going up and its really bothering me. I learned about how to control stress in my last class, but when I get destresed, another problem pops right back into my face.

I know that if I get too stressed out and just snap, I won't be able to help anyone, so hopefully I can get this problem solved before I go back to work on Thursday. Tomorrow is my first class of the last quarter, so I'll be pushing myself to get good grades. I just hope that something doesn't give out in the process.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

I need to get a router of some sort

I'm typing this from my laptop, with my wireless keyboard and mouse, monitor and speakers connected to it, while my desktop is defragging itself. With this configuration, I can only have one computer connected to the internet, much less one computer using the monitor if I want to. I'm thining of getting a wireless access point, but then I'll need to get a router for my room to connect these two computers together: one wired and the other wireless. Sure, I can put the wireless access point to the main router near the modem, but then I just need to hope that I can get a good signal if I go around the house, and make sure that no one else leaches off my connection. Speaking of which, yes my ghetto neighborhood had a wireless connection, which I know one of them belongs to my cousins who live down the street; but their access point is secured, and I know that there's some idiot wardriving (I know, because I tried that) around the neighborhood.

So, according to these prices, an access point will cost me about $60, if I'm lucky, but once I get my paycheck, hopefully I can spend it wisely.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Everything is back to normal

My grandparents just came home from the hospital a few minutes ago, and my grandpa looks alright. And of course, someone returned my Mom's bag a couple of days ago, so she's keeping tabs on it like a hawk.

What a stressful week. I already have stress from work, and I don't need it at home.

Friday, April 14, 2006

A week of work done!

Because today's a holiday, the work was light, and a few more new people came today, so some of us went home early.

Here's today's call sumary:

Thursday, April 13, 2006

My grades for the Jan 06 quarter

That was my second to last quarter at Heald College, and I got the following:

Graduation Project: Planning phase: A
Advanced Networking: B
Technical Support: B
Intermediate Algebra: C

Coincidentally, Networking and Tech Support are what I'm using at my job, so maybe if I had this job before I took those classes, I would have gotten higher grades (but then again, now that I successfully finished those classes, it made me a better tech support personnel because I now what to expect and how to handle the situations.)

Next quarter (next week) will start my final quarter at college, with me taking Physics, Routing, and completing the Graduation Project (actually building it). Because of that, I'll be cutting down my hours from 5 days a week to just Thursday and Friday. I have Physics and Routing with the same teachers on Mondays and Wednesdays during the afternoon (noon till 1600) and like this past quarter, the Graduation Project will be meeting on a need-to basis on Tuesdays. So to avoid any schedule conflicts, I'll just leave that day open (plus, I need a day to do homework).

My Mom found her bag!

Call off the search party, my Mom had her bag returned to her!

She went to meet with the guy with a friend near a gas station. From what she told me, the man was an elderly japanese guy.

Now, if my grandpa would come home.

update on life's happenings.

Okay, first I'll start off with my Mom's stolen purse:

Someone called about the bag at about 1530, but he didn't leave any information (no name, phone number) and he said he'll call back, but so far he didn't.

And I called my police officer friend to file a report, but he said that we need to dial 911 to bring an officer here. But looks like they'll have to meet some other place because my Mom doesn't want my Dad to know.

So far, my Mom reactivated her phone number and using a free phone she got a few months ago, she now has her phone number back (the IMEI# of the old phone is now blacklisted thanks to tmobile).

Slowly but surely, everything is coming full circle, so hopefully it'll be back to normal in the next few days.


Here's a basic summary of the amount of calls I handled:

The worst call I made, was to an older female who was completely computer illiterate. She needed help setting up her dialup connection, and complained that the connection wasn't "automatic" when she boots up her computer. I could feel that she was getting frustrated from the other technicians who handled her call and didn't really follow up. Luckily, she got someone who was patient and calmly walked her through setting up the dial up connection and training her to dial the connection before checking her email or going online. She had a few spyware toolbars, so I hope that Hawaiian Telcom will get some sort of security bundle ready for people when they give them either dial up or DSL.


Status on Grandpa

From what I heard, he went to a new room and we might visit him either tonight or tomorrow.

For those who wants to know what he looks like here's a picture:

Ruperto Bumanglag

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Atleast this will keep me preoccpied...

You know what's worse than having your grandpa in the hospital? Having your Mom's bag stolen with all of her credit cards, IDs, and her kid's social security numbers.

Don't ask me why she has those info in her bag, but apparently she lost it between coming out of the store (with her car keys in hand) and the commute to the Hospital. She was at the Waipahu Longs Drugs and she already reported it to the security there, while I went on a second trip with my uncle and searched through the trash, carts, and informed Blockbuster to keep an eye out.

Please pray for my grandpa.

He's in the hospital right now, because whenever he coughs, someone needs to stay by him to hold him upright (that's what my Mom told me, so I hope he didn't get worse). My grandma is there with him at the hospital, and my Mom just left to bring my gradma's bible and for comfort. He's in his mid 80s and can still walk around and do basically all of his tasks by himself, so he's a strong person. He's been having coughing problems since mid-march, and him and my grandma (my Mom's parents) are very religious.

I don't want to even think about him getting worse, because everyone is doing so fine: with me and my job, and the foster clients' health getting better, I don't want no one to suffer.

So, please everyone, pray for his speedy recovery and hopefully he can come home soon.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

3rd day of working

We had to transfer to the original place we had to go (near NetWorks) after a fellow contractor received an email saying to go there from the people who hired us. Today, we basically did call backs (returned calls on already set reports) after other people received calls from customers. The problem with this, was that sometimes the ticket didn't put enough information about the problem, so sometimes the paper was either half filled with just the contact information, or that the customer has another problem other than what the paper had. To make it worse, some of the tickets were over a week old, so either the customer already went to another company, the problem was solved and wasn't documented, or the customer was angry or relieved tha someone called them back. The problems we handled today were mostly related to connections and reset passwords and help people get used to the new system.

Actually, it was pretty easy today, but we're getting some tickets where we can't do it (get new modems, billing, etc). But I think its getting pretty repetitive, because when I answered my own cellular phone, I answered with "Hello, Hawaiian Telcom. This is Adrian. How may I help you?" Luckily it was getting near the end and it was just my supervisor from NetWorks to check up on us.

EDIT: And there's a lot of people with spyware on their computers. I had to handle a call with an elderly man (but learned very quickly) whose address bar in IE was gone and replaced with numerous toolbars. The only way I could let him enter an address, was do a ctrl+o and type in the address there. If it wasn't for the contract where we can't solicit services to customers (or work for a competing company for a year - but that's another blog) then I would have given my information (or obtain his permission to stop by his house) and get rid of the spyware and adware on his computer. He always typed the addresses in a toolbar on the taskbar, or in a search engine that pointed him to a phony site.

Monday, April 10, 2006

Long day

Been getting requests for help from emails, forum Private Messaging, and IMs
Ever since I broadcasted that I worked at Hawaiian Telcom last week Friday, I've been getting numerous Private Messages, emails and IMs asking for help. I'm all for helping people, but there's a time that I work, and when I need to relax.

Today's interesting call came from a local guy who got me helping him for 2 hours setting up his email, and trying to reset his account and log into it!


Shot, I just forgot what I was supposed to type, because this would have been my first blog with two topics. Oh well, I'll try to remember it and edit this post accordingly.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

I am now wireless!

I jut bought a wireless adapter ( and went online at the local mall and on TheBus's iRide system. Since I'm cheap, I didn't get a wireless access point and depend on the free connections I'll find on the island :p and because of that I don't have wireless internet in my neighborhood.

Of course I'll try at my work tomorrow, and I'll try to save for a wireless access point.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Thoughts on the job

So, its been more than 24 hours since I started the tech support job. My original plan was to get a job as a computer technician (fixing computers, installing programs, etc) and I attended college to get that far. Phone-based tech support was the last thing on my mind, but when I took the tech support class last quarter, I imagined irate callers nagging and threatening to kill me when they called and I didn't do anything yet. Instead, I only got one caller like that and that was because she had an older version of a Mac program.

The tech support class did prepare me for this job and it probably couldn't come at a better time. This was the last thing I'd expect from this job when I saw the flyer my teacher gave me. I thought that we'd help businesses setup DSL and solve basic computer problems, but I knew Hawaiian Telcom needed help with their migration for the next few weeks.

And the stress level wasn't bad during the morning: it was the afternoon that bogged me down. I was getting tired and didn't know when to finish my work shift. But atleast I'm helping people at the highest level I've been at yet. My experiences in computer and the Police Explorers will help me in this position, and now I can put on my resume that I worked at Hawaiian Telcom! :D

Friday, April 07, 2006

My first offical job!

I now work at Hawaiian Telcom as a customer representitive/Tech Support Specialist (call it whatever you want, I work on the phones solving people's problems). I thought that I’d be doing for an interview early this morning, but I was thrusted into the world of help desk operator.

My networking teacher gave me a flyer for a job opening by NetWorks, a computer company that said to be needing interns who knows computers and basic networks. I emailed them with a cover letter and resume, and was sent an interview time for the next day, early in the morning. I prepared for the interview, preparing my resume, cover letter, and polishing myself up for the morning after. At 3am, I woke up and got dressed, taking the bus downtown and awaited for the time that the building would open. When that time came, I was greeted by a folder filled with applications and tax information. Amongst me, were four other people, about the same age as me, ranging from graduates of Heald College to HPU students. The vice president of the company was a Heald grad herself and had high expectation for us Heald people. She also told us that we’d be helping to man the staff of Hawaiian Telcom -- that means operating the phones and stuff. What I didn’t think of, was that the callers would be repetitive.

We then grouped up in vehicles, driving to the location. When we arrived, we parked at a seemingly unmarked building with Hawaiian Telcom trucks and vans. Inside, we were greeted by our supervisor and were quickly put to work. Throughout the day, I basically manned the ACD, answering mostly calls about setting up email accounts in various email clients ranging from Outlook to Netscape. The callers were mostly older adults, with the ability to follow simple directions and all were polite, except one. This caller called with a simple email question and it was getting late in the day. Basically, I helped her with the problem until she told me she had an Apple computer, at which point I directed her to the knowledgebase where it had limited knowledge on the kind of software she was using (entourage 10). She then flipped out and swore at me when I couldn’t help her with something that wasn’t supported, which at that point I used my verbal judo and tried to calm her down, but that didn’t work and ended with her hanging up the phone.

Hawaiian Telcom just got hold of the operations in Hawaii, so it’ll be a long three weeks. But as the contractor mentioned, we might be there for a few months or longer. But at least the pay is good, at $12/hour. Today was a slow day compared to other days because other techs were happy to have zero calls for a few minutes, and hopefully most of the customers won’t become much harder than what I experienced today.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Motorola v635 is one tough phone!

Ever since I've been using the v635, I've dropped it too many times: ranging from sweeping it off a table onto the floor, to it loosing an antenna on the bus while navigating the aisle full of people. I believe the drop count is nearing eight, and it only has subtle scratches: all of them on the replacable faceplate, and none on the screens. Like I said, I had to replace the antenna once, and that's because I dropped it and didn't check the antenna for securement.

I don't care how flashy or how thin a phone is: if it can't survive a fall or two and still work, then it doesn't belong in my collection (so no thin phones [motorola slvr and razr, etc] or no sliders [Samsung t809, etc])

Last three classes of school!

I just got next quarter's schedule, which is my last quarter at Heald College.

Here's how it looks:
12:10 to 1:50pm - Routing
2:00 to 3:40pm - Physics

3:50 to 4:40 - Graduation Project: Completion phase

Yes, you read right: I only have two afternoon classes on Mondays and Wednesdays, and one class on Tuesday (if we even meet - that class is mostly online, so we only have to meet a few times).

Monday, April 03, 2006

OMG, I feel lightheaded

Class was dismissed after some kind of odor was floating around the 4th floor of Heald college today. We were doing our final exam when it started. I thought it was garlic (a classmate worked at the food store) but eventually I almost fainted.

If that's how it felt to get high, then that's another reason for me not to do drugs.

Laptop battery sucks like a vacuum

I used my laptop during a break this morning, and it went from 80% to 30% in 40 minutes! Luckily I went to the computer room and used the AC power while on the laptop. I think the reason why it drained so much, was because I used the optical drive to install some things and copy music onto the computer.

The mouse can't work, even though I used it last night; either on battery power or AC power. Its a logitech usb optical mouse, so I'll probably get a regular ball mouse made for laptops. I just need it to use photoshop (its a pain to drag with the touchpad, and the eraserhead isn't helping either.)

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Just lost my credit card

Great, this day went from good to bad.

I apparently last seen my credit card at the mall ATM. I called visa to suspend that account, so hopefully I can get a new one on Monday.

Oh, and I'm typing this on my laptop (with everything connected to it). Its very quiet and I almost have it setup to replicate my desktop in terms of security and software.

Got a laptop!

I just came back from shopping and getting my first laptop from a dude. Below is my first experience with it:

Just received laptop

I met the seller near a dry cleaner and we did the exchange in a few minutes. The laptop looked great when he first powered it on, so I accepted the deal and we went out separate ways. I then went to a area to check the computer out more thoroughly. It’s a Dell c610 laptop, with an Intel Pentium III 1ghz processor, and 512mb of RAM, with a 20gb Hard drive.

Typing on a laptop is a new experience to me, because this is my first laptop. The keyboard is small compared to a desktop, but it has a lot of function keys and I’m getting pretty used to it. It also has a touchpad and a trackball in the middle of the keyboard, so I’m getting used to using both at the same time.

The computer came with Windows XP pro and Microsoft Office 2003 Pro, with the standard applications, including word, excel, and access. It doesn’t have FrontPage.


Just finished walking around pearlridge and this laptop is damn heavy! My shoulder is sore, my arms are sore, I don’t think I can carry this to school w/out hurting anything. But if the laptop is this heavy, then think about how heavy the corefight project will be.

I’m now on the bus heading to the library for more testing. I said that I’ll never use the laptop on my lap, but I have to jot down a few notes, plus there’s traffic, so I’m bored.

The seller said that he installed belkin drivers for a wireless card, and from what I’ve seen at CC, they range from $50 to $100 a pop. And the bags also range from $40 to $90, so I’ll probably get the wifi card just to surf the internet when I ride the A Express during the month of April.

Actually, using a notebook on your lap isn’t as bad as I thought it’d be, but then again, I’m wearing black jeans.

They look so happy together :D