Wednesday, May 31, 2006

What is "greenland" and "mauna kea"?

After many weeks of losing to the other two teams (who BTW won many times) my team finally won a Jeopardy game.

We play Jeopardy in my Physics class to help stimulate the brain every Monday (but we played it today because Monday was a holiday) and the teacher divides the class into three teams. When the game was played today, we had to go through three Final Jepoardies because all of the scores were even. The third Final Jeopardy question was an all or nothing question: 'Name the biggest island and the tallest island mountain'. After much deliberations amongst ourselves, I gave the answer of Mauna Kea (the Hawaiian dormant volcano - which will be the tallest mountain in the world if it was measured below sealevel) and we were the only ones to get it correct. Our prizes were mini Kit Kats and Snickers bars (other prizes other teams won include other candy and pens). The previous two final Jeopardy questions were to name the capitols of Washington, California, Florida, Missouri and Rhode Island (three for the first question, and two for the second question). I didn't know the capitol of Washington (Olympia), Missouri and Rhode Island so we lost on those questions (luckily we didn't bet anything.)

Spam mail from the future!

I reactivated a yahoo email account, and Yahoo Messenger (or atleast Trillian) told me that I recieved new mail. When I checked it, I got this:

Basically, its a spam email sent from Mon Jan 18, 2038! *checks date* Its still May 31 2006 here.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Upnext wireless must really like me...

I received a note from Upnext wireless, that thanked me for my business:

A few weeks ago, I spent $150 on a 512mb memory card and a bluetooth headset. The salesperson there was really nice (and cute) and the place was very techy with phones galore. I still wish I can work there, but I rather put my tech education to work in a few months; I need to get away from people for a while, as I had a lot from the Hawaiian Telcom job.

Monday, May 29, 2006

I'm still here

So, I finished my grad project this weekend, adding a couple of more wins to the Dual Core processor. I still have the single core processor in the computer, and I played Need For Speed: Most Wanted and Underground 2; GTA:SA; and SimCity 3.

I also finished updating the website this evening to a new frames based layout. I know: frames = old school, but until I understand CSS enough that I can code it (I still use Microsoft FrontPage) then I'll stick to good ol' HTML.

Finally, I have plans to play tourist in downtown in the coming days, just to amuze myself and force myself to get away from a computer (having three computers in a room gets overwhelming). Oh, and yesterday, I helped my Dad do some minor repair work at one of our houses: just replacing the stove range and fixing a leak in the toilet. I need to start getting active, because I think I strained a muscle.

Sunday, May 21, 2006


They said that they left a notice at my address (my home) yesterday for a package (a strap for the Project Core Fight computer) but I checked the mail yesterday and I didn't receive anything!

Looks like I'll need to stop by the post office tomorrow before school...

EDIT 5/29
Sorry for the spelling error in the title. It was supposed to be USPS (as in the United States Postal Service). UPS would never be stupid enough to let me miss a package.

I went to the post office last Monday and they needed the tracking number that the website provided. I didn't have it, so they couldn't tell me where it was. The next day, they delivered it, but it was weird because I only got an electronic notice (from the USPS's website) but no paper notice as the lady at the Post Office mentioned.

Friday, May 19, 2006

I'm so pampered with my grad project

Fast gaming, quiet computing, ease of portability, all in a small rectangle box that keeps the components cool. That basically sums it up for my graduation project.

I'm in the middle of running the tests on the single core processor (first it was the dual core processor) and to make it fair, not even I can see the previous results until everything is done (and even then, I'll do the calculations on my current computers - either on this one (my desktop) or on my laptop).

And I made a poll to gauge the people's knowledge in this project, and here's the results so far:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Is your computer ready for Windows Vista?

Is your computer ready for vista?

Vista Capable
* 800MHz Processor
* 512MB System RAM
* DirectX 9.0 Capable Graphics Card
* 40GB HDD, with 15GB free
* DVD Drive
* Audio and Internet Capablities

* Capable1 GHz, x86/x64 Processor
* 1GB System RAM
* DirectX 9.0/Pixel Shader 2.0/32 bits per pixel/64(128, 256 per higher resolution) MB Graphics Card
* 40GB HDD, with 15GB free
* DVD Drive
* Audio and Internet Capablities

So, why aren't I sweating now? Atleast three computers here meets or exceeds those requirements; the rest will just stick to XP (heck, they struggle to run XP)

Monday, May 15, 2006

Flag mural on roof

Some time ago, the local news did a story about a guy painting american flags on roofs, trying to do it in all 50 states. Well, he was in my state a while ago, and painted the roof of a local pizza bakery.

I took this picture when I passed by it a while ago:

(sorry about the gunk on the window: that was the bus's fault)

Saturday, May 13, 2006

fun Mother's day eve

Tonight, my Mom decided to take us all out to dinner and shopping afterwards. We ate an early dinner at Good Luck Chinese restaurant, where me, my Mom and my friend Frank first dined last year after we seen the auto show. Like last year, the food was plentiful and we ended up carrying home some leftovers. The next stop was Ala Moana Center. The place was packed with people, but we split off and went our seperate ways until later. Since I go to the shopping center everyday before school, I was bored, so I just walked around and pretend to look interested in things. I did manage to spend 5 minutes at the toy section of Shirokiya, a japanese department store. I spotted a few Power Rangers Mystic Force toys that always spelt what was instore for the season. I'll post the pictures soon. We had a great time and of course got to spend a few moments poking fun at each other like family does, but it was good fun. The next plan is to go to the movies, so I hope I can watch a flick that is worthy of viewing.

EDIT: Here's the Power Rangers Mystic Force toys. I would have bought some, but I didn't have the money.

Friday, May 12, 2006

whoops, I did it again!

What is it with me and money? I went out to Pearlridge this afternoon to buy my Mom a Mother's day gift, but ended buying one for my grandma also (each will have her own bag, card, and something special), plus afterwards, I treated myself to some chinese takeout, and bought myself a 100 pack CDR spindle, and a 5gb portable hard drive (okay, I needed the discs, but I guess I talked myself into spending $70 on 5gb of hard drive space). If I dare myself to estimate today's shopping trips, I would have spent $350! There goes that goal of getting a better laptop, or a LCD screen. :(

Got some new additions to my phone today!

I visited my friends at Upnext Wireless Ala Moana at their new store near the foodcourt (which looks like the store I applied at a few months ago) and originally was going to get myself a bluetooth headset. I ended up getting that and a 512mb memory card. Like everyone else, this salesperson didn't know about the Motorola v635 and thought it was a phone for Mobi PCS, a local wireless company with unlimited calling. And as usual, I corrected her that it was an unlocked phone used for tmobile. As she inspected the phone while I waited for the headset, she smiled when she looked at the front display with the lid open (I modified it to say "dikfore" - 'what's a dikfore?'). When I paid for everything, it came out to $150 (I got a Motorola h700 bluetooth headset, and the 512mb transflash memory), then I headed to school where I am currently, reinstalling Windows 2003 Server because the timebomb didn't work (the computer had the wrong date and when I corrected it, the evaluation lease ended). I still need to plug in the headset to charge it, but I now have 350mb of free space with 50 or so MP3s and various wallpapers. Unfortunately, there's so much space on the card, that when I take pictures, it says that it has 999 shots left.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Rollercoaster of emotions

For the past 24 hours, my body has been through so much emotions that I'm about to go crazy.

Yesterday evening, I received word from a friend who offered to help me with my graduation project that there'd be a significant delay in obtaining the parts, forcing me to email my grad project advisor and teacher that there'll be a change in the project. But I kinda jumped the gun and didn't ask my Mom if she'd help me with the funds, but I asked her the wrong way and my emotions took over, isolating me from her and other people that wasn't available online. I went into a depressed state telling myself that if I didn't complete this project, then I'll fail in life and can't get a job etc... literally crying myself to sleep. While I was feeling sorry for myself, my mind went into overdrive trying to think of another project to do to atleast graduate. I was still mad at my Mom for the entire day today, with me resolving some issues by using what I earned at my job to cover the cost, requiring my Mom to only pay a small fraction. I set a deadline on Tuesday to get the funds ready, and if everything goes right, I'll have the parts under my name at by the weekend, hopefully getting the parts sometime in the next couple of weeks.

I totally blew it, because I still have the hatred feeling towards my own parents for not helping me with the funds, but I guess I only have myself to blame because I blew up in their face when they didn't provide the money I expected them to give. Yes, I feel stupid, miserable, guilt, you name it, I probably felt it within the last 24 hours. To make it worse, its Mother Day's weekend soon and I'm about to cancel our family's lunch plans because of school.

So you can give me the award for being the worse son for a Mother to have. I never anticipated that my schooling would snowball into the multitude of problems that is happening: from the delay in graduation to the failure in classes; and the massive financial burdens that has bestowed upon me and my family, especially my parents.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Routing is oozing stress right now

Since this is my last class with Mr. Mirante, my stress level has been going bonkers. I have only one class with him, while the other classmates has two or more (sucks to be them). Anyway, that means that I have to hussle to get things done. So far, the teacher has been very helpful, but today was a breaking point. My copy of Windows 2003 server's activation ran out and gave me an error message. After struggling with it, I asked for help, and he gave me some help, mostly to change the date and time. But since the date and time was more than 120 days (or whatever the evaluation trial was) then I was locked out from logging on normally.

For the past few minutes, I was trying to figure out how to mount a floppy in linux, but again my teacher came to the rescue (I need to relearn linux again). So, everything is again slowly returning to normal, but I don't know how long normal will last...

Monday, May 08, 2006

Finally better!

Looks like I just needed the weekend to be sick, because I'm all better.

False accusations
Anyway, looks like my Math class is again blaming me on false accusations. We had ghetto jeopardy today (but I didn't use the jeopardy sound) and I used my laptop to help us on the final jeopardy question. We had to 'guess' the years four movies came out, and was able to get a margin of error of 3 years or so. Being the resourceful guy I am, I got out my laptop and used Encarta (the program, not the website) to get all four movie releases correct. We were the first ones to get them dead on, but we didn't win, although we wagered all we had. Later, two students accused us of cheating, pointing to me with the laptop, when I showed them that I dind't have my wifi card, so I couldn't have internet access :P Sure that was wrong, but the other people were using their EDGE compatible phones to look up answers.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Day 4 of being sick...

I really hate counting days of when I'm sick, but I need to get better to attend school tomorrow. I have to do the finishing touches to my computers in Routing (mainly activate it - stupid Windows 2003 server) and of course in Physics, there's "Ghetto Jeopardy" (and I want to use the jeopardy sound from my phone). Plus, I don't want to get an absence, because this will be my last quarter at school.

Anyways, I just got a runny nose, but my Mom got dayquil to help. Atleast if I can't go to school (which won't happen because my first class is at 12 noon) the I'll just fax my assignments to class (or atleast I can email my assignment to my Routing teacher; I don't know about my physics homework).

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Help Weird Al Yankovic gain a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

I just found out that my favorite music artist doesn't have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. So, I'm supporting him in gaining the funds to make that possible!

Please help by donating!

keeping myself alive: I KNOW HOW TO SEEM EDIT!

Even though I'm sick, I'm still keeping myself useful instead of just surfing the interweb for useless junk. A few seconds ago, I just seem edited the front screen on my phone and customized it with my email address! If you remembered, a few weeks ago I learned how to flash my phone to the appropriate language pack.

Lets see... I know how to add ringtones and wallpapers, add skins, flash my phone, and SEEM edit. All that's left now is either spray paint the covers, or get another phone.

Just got up...

I can't believe I got up at 11am! My head hurts, my throat got escalated to where I cough it hurts, and my nose feels like its clogged but its not.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Day 2 of being sick

Yes, I seem to get sick easily, but I'm not getting better, nor getting worse. My cousin is also sick, and since I'm helping to fix her computer problem, I think I spread it to her.

Syptoms: minor headache, sore throat, and feeling that sinus blockage will be imminent.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

I'm coming down with something

ATM, I have a sore throat (well, not that sore, but its irritating my throat) and coughing, so it looks like I have the flu. Since I'm unemployed, I have no medical, so I might as well take this weekend to rest and get well for next week.

And I came to school for nothing, because I forgot to check blackboard for the meeting times for the Grad Project class. According to it, we don't meet for the next week, but the following week. I guess till then, my Tuesdays and Thursdays are off.