Friday, June 30, 2006

I'm using Windows Vista!

Okay, maybe its the Windows Beta Public version, but its still Vista none the less.

So far, I have a Windows program freeze on me once (the device manager) but so far the experience has been positive. Everything is so fluid and just flows into one thing after another as it has window fading and other cool and exciting stuff. Of course, this version was the Ultimate version (there's five different versions) but the bad thing is that I got a rating of 3 for my computer (AMD Athlon X2 3800+, 1024mb RAM, 250gb split into six partitions, ATI X1800xt 256mb video card, blah blah...).

I'll make other posts that will recount my experiences with vista, but so far, its been great!

One down, one to go!

I thought I'd never be doing back to back presentations. I just finished my grad project presentation, and next week Monday I have my Physics presentation. The link also has info on what I'll do with the project, and to elaborate on that, I'll give my current computer to my cousin, whose POS compaq computer has a hard time on the internet (the computer's internet connection is slow, but when I used my laptop its fast) then I'll need to buy a hard drive if I want to use her computer as a Linux machine.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

One step closer to graduation!

I just completed the graduation checklist today, so I'll be able to get my graduation gown now.

The day is soon coming!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

My Creative Microphoto lives!

Instead of boring you with technical details, I'll just paste what I posted on one of the tech support boards I hang out at:

I was wondering if there's a way to reset the whole MP3 player (like reformat it or something)
EDIT: After pondering the above statement, I googled, and found that I could reload the firmware by removing the battery, then replacing the battery while holding the on/off switch in the on position. (as found here). I then got the firmware upgrade and reloaded the firmware after erasing it, and it worked like a charm!
ATM, the MP3 files are going into the Microphoto MP3 player, then I'll add in more playlists and other stuff to get it back to where it was before yesterday's crash.


In other news...

I got the $20 rebate I sent in after buying my Seagate 5gb portable hard drive. I didn't even know it included a rebate until I bought it, and I thought it wouldn't come in for another couple of months. Oh well, more spending money...

Day 2 of being sick (again)

For the first time, I went through my blog and I just realized I post a lot of $h!7! Anyway, based on the blog, I last got sick in February, and that lasted five days - crap, I have a presentation on Friday and I need to do the presentation for physics. I CAN'T AFFORD TO BE SICK! If there's a God, then I'll be praying to get better before Friday - even if it means being better on Thursday evening - enough to do the paper and somehow print it out before the presentation the next day.

Postings at is coming in

After a week of settling, my ads on is paying off. I received one email inquiring about my ad for my Motorola v635 phone (but it was a scam) and two emails inquiring about my resume I posted there - too bad I'm not in any condition to respond because I'm frickin sick. Hopefully I can get better..

Monday, June 26, 2006

So far, its been a bad day

Its like Monday the 13th for me. When I got up, I was feeling the symptoms of the flu, and now I know I really have it by the bad stuffy nose I have ATM. Then on the way to school, I was stuck in traffic for a few minutes while the bus's AC stopped working. Now at school, I forgot to bring a checklist for teachers to sign that shows that I turned in some things to graduate, and the deadline for a particular item will be this wednesday. Lastly, I forgot the labs that I was supposed to do right now because its due today!

However, I have tomorrow to rest and get my self back together; I don't think turning in the labs will drop my grade to an F, and I got everything printed out: I just need to turn it in within the next couple of days with the checklist to sign off.

EDIT: 1841hrs
I forgot to post that my Creative MicroPhoto MP3 player decided to stop working while I waited for the bus this morning. I lost my playlists after a restarted by pulling out the battery (take that iPod!) and now it can't be detected by neither my desktop nor my laptop - both of which detected it flawlessy before.

Feeling sick

Last night I couldn't sleep well because my head was cold even though its summer and I had a blanket covering my body. When I covered my head, I couldn't breathe properly, so I had to uncover my body to equal out the temperature. Now, I have a terrible fever and have the sniffles. I took tynelol and dimetap, but I still feel like I'm coming down with something. I can't/musn't get sick now, because this Friday is the Graduation Project presentations and there's only two tech people who'll be presenting (and about a dozen other people watching); plus next week is finals (whoa - that went fast).

Hopefully I can find the power within me to go through the next few weeks w/out getting sick, because this will be the most important three weeks of my life!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Selling a bunch of my phones

Tonight on a local forum, I just posted a thread to sell three of my unused phones: Motorola v300, Nokia 3595, and Samsung e715, along with the current posting for my Motorola v635 phone. I figured that since I'll be working soon, I won't have time to switch my phone, or even I might have to *gasp* leave Tmobile/GSM for *GASP* a better network! (of course, I'll port my number). But the real reason why I'm doing this, is because I'm losing my phone techie side. Sure, I'll still be a computer geek/techie, and I'll still drool over the latest cellular phones, but I have to start concentrating on working and until I get enough dough to get my phone techie side back, I'll have to budget accordingly.

So, either you can email me your offers (mention that you got it from my blog, and maybe I'll give you a discount) @ or go to the linked website above and see the details. Of course, once I get the other phones together I'll make a site for them.

I finally pinged!!!

For the past couple of weeks, we've been working on routers for my routing class, in preperation to the finals in a couple of weeks. And after struggling to ping the other router, I finally suceeded after reading one of the labs in the Boson NetSim software I got the first time I took the class last year. The problem was that I didn't set the clockrate for the DCE connection. But the bad thing is that working with pure software as routers isn't as fun as physically working with them when their sitting on your desk. Now I have to catch up like crazy and get the labs done to pass the final test.

I just hope that procrastination won't bring me down or else the ripple effect will be so bad that I might as well move to the mainland.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Heald College School memories

There's about two weeks left in school: 1 1/2 week of regular classes, and the last Wednesday and Thursday for finals (but for me, my final day is July 5th with graduation on the 12th).

Anyway, I compiled a list of memoriable things that occured during my stay at Heald:

Heald College School memories

Most Memorable
- Teacher
Mr. Mirante - Computers is his game, and I loved it! Taught intro to networking, intro to client and server networking, Linux, Advanced Networking, Routing and Security.
Mr. Primo Castro - He's the Dean for the Tech Classes and over the years, his stories were somehow connected to each other. And who'll forget his shouting voice (aka his normal voice). My physics teacher joked that his voice is over 90dB. But Mr. Castro did have a lot of stories to tell, and he was a few of my substitute teachers for some classes.
- Subject
Humanities - Last english class, and assignments were too easy. First and only field trip.
- event
First fire drill - in A+ Hardware class. Had to walk down five floors to the First Hawaiian Bank.
Watermain break - no school!
- presentation
Intro to database - Had to make a database in Access and I spoofed my Law Enformcement Explorer friends' names, address, age, and other related attributes.
- classmate
Terrell - He was the only other hardcore computer guy I knew, other than my brother. At the time, he ran Linux, 2k and XP all on his itanium servers. He had five different computers and
his electricity bill was close to $400/month.

Most easiest
- Teacher
Mr. Kelly - Had him for intro to database, advanced database, and programming. He never lost his cool, everyone respected him, and he taught some cool things.
- Subject
- presentation - Highest grade in class

Most hardest
- Teacher
Mr. Mon - First Algebra teacher. He was an old man who I thought had alzhimer's disease, but it was my own immatureness that made me fail Algebra multiple times.
- Subject
Algebra - repeated it a total of four times

- L&L Hawaiian BBQ (both @ Ala Moana and Walmart)
Chicken Katsu, Hamburger steak, BBQ plate,
- Chopsticks Express
Orange Chicken/Lemon Chicken combo, Orange chicken/beef broccoli/fried rice combo
- Zippy's
surf pac, mini pac, teri pac, chicken pac, hamburger steak
- Mcdonalds
Big Mac, Breakfast sandwitch
Chicken Pot Pie, Famous Bowls- Teacher
- Heald bookstore
Orange Chicken (too spicy, not enough flavor), shoyu chicken, chips, soda, sandwitches
- Shirokiya
early evening buffet, sushi, chicken bentos
- Subway
Chicken sandwitch
- Patti's Chinese Kitchen
orange chicken/beef brocolli combo
- Panda Express
Lemon Chicken/beef brocolli combo
- Charley's Subs
NY steak sub

Total time in school: 27 months!

One thing I learned from college, is that you need to open up and ASK QUESTIONS! I was a shy person (and still am today) but I know that your teachers can be your friends if you treat them with respect and go to them for help when you need it. Also, I learned how not to procrastinate; and that Fridays were meant for getting help on any work.

Next stop: Work (and zippy's ;) )

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Wayside school is falling down...

OMG, I was reading the "You know you were a 90s kid if..." thread on RangerBoard when a post reminded me of the book "Sideway stories from wayside school" by Louis Sachar. I remember reading this book in elementary school for a school reading contest, and I've been captivated by the stories. It was the book that got me into reading (and spending a lot of time at the library before we got DSL and my own computer).

The following are some of the characters and descriptions in the book (also from wikipedia):

19th floor The 19th floor does not exist. The reason is that the building was inadvertently built with floor 20 directly on top of floor 18. The teacher of this class is the fictional Miss Zarves. In one book, the 19th story is omitted and in its place is a message that the 19th story does not exist.

The Three Erics
* Eric Bacon Bacon is the thinnest of the Erics, but he is called "Fatso" because the other two Erics are fat, and so all Erics must be fat. He is also a good breakdancer, but breakdancing got restricted at Wayside School, because every time he danced, he broke something.
* Eric Fry Fry hangs out with the other two all the time. He is very athletic despite his big size, and is called "Butterfingers" because the other two Erics are bad at sports, so all Erics must be bad at sports.
* Eric Ovens Ovens is the nicest of the Erics, but is called "Crabapple" because the other two Erics are mean, and so all Erics must be mean.

Mr. Kidswatter He is the school principal and dislikes all the children. In Wayside School Gets a Little Stranger, he said that he didn't want anyone to use the word "Door", and he said to use the word "Goosack" instead.

Miss Mush She is the school cook and prepares some very unusual meals. Students are averse to her cooking, and her most popular hot lunch is 'nothing', which she runs out of often
I only read the first two books, but I wouldn't mind getting the other books to catch up on some reading during my downtime.

Just came back from the school's Career Fair

Our math class was left ot 40 minutes early to attend the Career Fair downstairs. There were a few dozen companies, but I was interested in three: Hawaiian Telcom, CompuTant and Oceanic Time Warner. I gave my resume to CompuTant and Oceanic (Help Desk Technician), also having to fill out an application from CompuTant (I'll have to fax it in). I was in and out of there in five minutes, as I was targeting specific places.

Senioritis gives me depression

It all started last week after I checked my grades online. I was getting high As and Bs in my Routing and Physics classes, so I thought I can cruz it for the next couple of weeks. Fast forward to this week: my teacher gave us more lab packets to do on the routers to prepare for the finals, and we continued to work in my physics class. Everything is going well in physics (we won Jeopardy this week) but today the labs are due and I didn't finish them. Heck, I didn't even get passed the first page because I couldn't ping the other router. This led me to spiral into my depressive state yesterday - staying infront of my computer just surfing websites and basically doing nothing.

I just need to hang in there. Atleast I can get a D in both classes and still graduate, but why would I want to do that?

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Received Windows Vista Beta 2 in the mail today

After waiting nine (9) days for it, I finally got a copy of Windows Vista. I thought I'd get it next week, that's why I didn't expect to receive it so early because the Project Core Fight computer is sitting in school awaiting next week's presentation.

So, that means that I don't have any current computers to play with vista: my current desktop doesn't have enough space - and even if it did, then I don't want to sacrifice a partition; and my laptop meets the minimum requirements, but then again, I don't have the space.

Picture day!

Well, I suppose today's a good day to upload and post some random pictures I took within the last few days with my camera phone.

Here's a shot of the beach at Sunday's Father's day gathering. I believe the place is called "Punalu'u beach". The water has a lot of rocks on the bottom, and that made my feet hurt when I went into the water.

This is a picture of Haiku stairs, also known locally as the "stairway to heaven". It was built to put power lines at the top during the early 1900s, but now its closed due to renovations. The last I heard about it, is that people were trespassing through people's homes to get around the gate. The stairs is all wooden, and at some places it goes vertically up.

This is the Student Lounge at Heald College. Students come here to relax, eat their meals, do last minute homework, and for some of us, we surf the internet on our laptops from here.

Lastly, this is a shot of the Ala Moana expansion project. Their building a Nordstrom and a few dozen stores, and connecting it to the middle area of the mall, near Center stage.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Father's Day

This afternoon, we celebrated Father's Day at the local beach (no tourists, no resorts, no security). Of course, we went swimming, BBQing, and definately fishing. My uncle cousin's husband caught a blowfish, which they let go after I took a few pictures (probably like half a dozen). Afterwards, there was a fight in the next campsite, where a local family (probably samoan) was having a domestic argument, and three police officers were called in (two in personal vehicles, and a noob in a blue and white - who blocked one lane of the road). It was settled in a few minutes, but it made us feel uneven.

My aunty and cousin were surprised when I showed them my $200 laptop computer. They couldn't believe that it can do everything their current desktop can (surf the web, listen to music, etc) so I'll try to contact the person who sold it to me to see if he can get more on the way.

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Saturday, June 17, 2006

I can't wait for our 10th year reunion

I'm almost graduating from college, got a job under my belt, and learned more life experiences than what I learned in HS - all in three years since I left HS. I was browing Myspace and looking through the people who are a member of my class. Man, get choke memories! Some of us grown physically, others mentally, and I've seen one of my old friends grew long hair and has tattoos all over his arms!

If all of this is viewable on Myspace now, I can't wait to see them in 2013!

Yet another 1,000th post entry

I believe this is my second 1,000th blog entry, after I got my first 1,000 posts at Neowin Forums. This time, its at a local forums called "Forums Hawaii". I joined FH back in September 1, 2005 and the last time I was close to the 1,000th post mark was before the forum admins decided to delete the old threads that were clogging the forums, bringing me back to 400 posts (maybe even less). Then the forums were upgraded to help deal with the increased traffic, thus started the climb to 1,000 again.

Unlike the Neowin forums, I changed my avatar far too many times, as this is a more relaxed forums, where people can swear and rant like crazy (and since its local, most people know each other.)

Friday, June 16, 2006

Okay, maybe I still have a few problems...

This evening, me and my friend discussed how we should talk to Hawaiian Telcom tomorrow morning (they apparently pulled the evening tech support after the month long transition period/help I was involved in) because the connection went down again (it was working while I was at school today, but suddenly crapped out a few hours after I got home). After trying a lot of times and different methods (ranging from listening to an online radio station to downloading torrents like mad) I think I solved it by letting the PING program ping a source until I say to stop (ping x.x.x.x -t). So far, its keeping my connection alive, and according to a Download meter, its only taking up 12kB/s.

But tomorrow I'll check the connection between the router and modem and try to have a more permanent solution.

You win some, you lose some

I just heard a fellow graduate talking to his teacher about a class, and she said that he wouldn't graduate with me because of his absences and not turning in work. He's known to be a slacker and always horsing around when he gets the chance, so he deserves it, but I feel sorry that he's so close and didn't get to the goal. I was looking forward to taking pictures with him at graduation, as he's the only person I know that was in school as long as I am (remember, Heald is an 18 month college, and I'm in my 9th quarter - 9 x 3 = 27 months = 2 years and three months [along with a quarter suspension]). I have him in my Physics class, and he was absent for the past couple of weeks, missing atleast five classes, but his class he's really failing can't be rescued, and from what I heard, could be taken at another school for a cheaper price.

I know that evesdropping is bad, but this will only give me more power to finish this quarter with top honors and push myself to get a job that will use this college education to its fullest.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Don't ever go to Ala Moana during lunchtime and expect to eat there

Because its packed! I bought a Zippy's Zip Pack for lunch and expected to eat it on the 4th floor of the mall, but it was full of people (and I thought people go there to wait while people use the restrooms). Same scene at Shirokia, and I didn't want to go downstairs to the food court if the other places are full, so I mustered up the energy to walk to school and eat in the student lounge - which was pretty empty, as usually it'd be packed with students - I guess many people dropped out, that's why there's only 60 people graduating this quarter.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The end is here!

The end of my internet problem that is. When I came home a few minutes ago, I inadvertently went online to send an email, and it went through! (the website, I sent the email after I celebrated).

From now on, I'll be monitoring the network more carefully.

12 hours without internet is torture

I just copied and pasted a post entry from a forum, and before I get to that, I'll update the situation for everyone. Ever since June 1st, our internet connection has been beating its last beats at best. On that day, there was a power overload, resulting in the shutting down of numerous towns on Oahu, including the lower side of Waipahu, where I live. I thought the random network shudowns were because of my computer acting up, but recently I discovered that it was the router, as I couldn't access it if I seperated it from the network. This morning I got a new router and tried it, but the following happens...

Well, we just got a new router (the same exact model, but with newer firmware) and I can't either ping or access the router's page 3/5 times I tried with my laptop and computer (both on different lines, one bought from a store and one made by me). Even when I can access the router's page and make sure that everything's okay I still can't ping websites (google,, forumshawaii, etc) nor access them through FF or IE.

Everyone in my household (including me) is getting so tired of this, I'm willing to sacrifice evening speed for continuous service from RR (plus, we get to keep the modem because we've been with them for four years ;) )

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

reviving the blog

After posting the last two pictures, I thought I'd revive the blog by putting a logo for pictures (and the blog overall) and put a new tagline to better focus on a particular subject: my camera phone! Of course, I'll put other entries about my life, but I'll try to focus on having each entry with a picture from my phone (or past pictures).

If you have any comments on this new direction, email me: adelossa at

How do you want your bread: Burnt?

A few hours ago, I was on my way with my uncle to drop off my graduation project at school. When we hit the freeway, we got caught in traffic for about 10 minutes. The cause was a Love's Bakery truck that caught on fire. When we approached the accident scene, the truck was still spewing smoke and the fire department was just putting it out. Luckily no one got hurt.

As always, a local news station caught the action. This time, it was KITV Island Television, with an image of the burning inferno.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Couldn't go online for 12 hours!

Since yesterday evening, I couldn't go online! Only after an hour of troubleshooting, I was able to get online, and that was only after getting access to the router and not going online.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

I just hate fakers

This is a little rant about people who has MP3 ringtones on their cell phones. This afternoon while waiting for the bus to go home, I decided to play some music on my phone. My cousin's friends were impressed that a flip phone can do that (they only heard of the rokr candybar phone that can play music) and I gave it to my cousin to let her play with it. A few minutes later, a local girl (probably in her mid teens or so) busts out her Nextel phone and plays the MP3s ringtones that just lasts 10 to 20 seconds. I give her the stink eye, but I just let her enjoy her lame music, while my cousin was playing full songs (which is up to 160 or so - with room to spare).

Babysitting a teen.

Because my uncle has strict rules on his 13 year old daughter's whereabouts, I was elected to go with her to Ice Palace today. Luckily, I prepared and bought my laptop, along with some worksheets from school to work on while she and her friends skate. The trip started good when my other uncle asked us if we'd need a ride to Ice Palace, in which we said yes (we originally planned to take the bus). When we arrived at 11:15am, the place was packed with people, so I was forced to sit at the bleachers while watching the other skaters. I proceeded to do some work on my laptop, but the unusual usage of the touchpad (which was the first time I used my laptop on my lap) keep me from working further. When some people left to go back to school (apparently schools scheduled trips there during the summer) I proceeded to mark a table for the rest of the day. As the day drew on, my body finally caught up with the temperature change, as my body temperature fell to about 60 degrees. It was so bad, that I couldn't continue working on my laptop, as my fingers felt like it had frozen. After five long hours in the ice box, it was time to head home, but some of my cousin's friends came along. As we treked down the 1/4 mile stretch of road, the other teens filled the air with typical teen attitude. Because the bus we caught was packed, my cousin and me decided to take another bus, but not after my cousin forced me to buy her a Jamba Juice (since she was good today, I treated her).

To make my life more miserable, she decided to do this next week Tuesday. Atleast I'll be prepared.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Stolen sidekick

I'm sure that everyone here can get a feeling of what this person is going through. This person put up a website telling the story of his friend's stolen sidekick.

Hopefully he gets it back, and maybe we can help him.

Getting pissed off by the local telecom service

Even though I know what's going on in the background at Hawaiian Telcom, I'm getting really pissed off at the internet connection lately.

Ever since the large "electricity shutoff" last week, I haven't had any steady internet connection. A few minutes ago, I tried to get online with my laptop by connecting the cable to the NIC while I was running some tests for the grad project and I couldn't get any sites, no pinging (internal and external), no nothing. On my desktop, usually I just close the browser and disable and re-enable my LAN connection, but it didn't work on my laptop (but that's what I had to do with my desktop to get online to type this).

Their just lucky I'm patient and am willing to go a few more days with this, but soon I won't be nice.

Just got mail regarding the iPod battery replacement

Guess what? I just got something from Apple today regarding the Battery replacement. Basically, Apple will replace the battery for a fee of $29.95 plus tax. Looks like I have to fill out the application and put my credit card in also. After that, I supposed to mail it back to them, then they'll send me a box to send the iPod back for battery replacement.

I expected the iPod to be completely replaced, as my 3g iPod has been sitting dormant for a few years now. Plus, with all of today's identity theft going around, I won't put my Credit Card number near a form I' have to mail.

Its a little too late to let me use my iPod again Apple.

I posted this on a local forum and I originally posted this exactly a year ago!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Another two parter blog post

This is another two parter blog post, and since its the end of the day, I'm certain that I won't be blogging until tomorrow, so I'll just put everything in this one blog.

2nd jeopardy win
When we win, we win big! My team just won a second jeopardy in a row, while answering the question: "What two fast food chains sells the most chicken?" The answer was "KFC and McDonalds". The other teams got KFC and Popeyes, so we won a box of Rice Krispies Treats (there was eight of them, so our team captain got two, while we treated our teacher to one). This will be the "longest reign" because next week Monday is King Kamehameha Day, so no school.

This past weekend, I saw smoke spewing up into the air, thick black smoke, while coming home from helping someone move. It only recently started, because I then heard emergency personnel blazing down the road behind us.

I then got the chance to check the damange after seeing it on KHNL News 8. The picture below this one to the left is the house that burned. Please excuse the picture's position, as I was on TheBus going home and it was hard to get a steady shot.

Moving day!
No, I'm not going anywhere, but to tie things together, I thought I'd use a picture I took. This picture is my Dad's truck filled to the top of furniture that we eventually delivered to my Aunty, then to our house where its either in our house or outside waiting for placement. This started on Saturday and the day's haulings included a refridgerator, various cabinets, and an iron fence.

We continued this load for the next few hours, ending on Sunday with the removal of a gas stove and miscellaneous rubbish.

Friday, June 02, 2006

The good news: There's room for 1,200 people attending graduation and about 100 graudates.

The bad news: Last quarter, there was 1,500 people and only 60. You do the math.

Yep, that's the stats learned from today's graduation seminar. Also, there'll be some surprises during the hour and 30 minutes that Heald calls the "graduation ceremony". I don't want to surprise anyone by spilling the beans, but I'll say this: it'll be all worth it.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

What an afternoon!

It all started with the CompUSA Job Fair. I was one of a dozen people applying for open positions that will be at a currently renovating CompUSA/Good Guys at Pearl Highlands. Since the Technical position required A+ certification, I applied for the job of Hardware sales Team Member. When the interview with an employee (forgot what was her position) came, I answered all questions to the best of my knowledge, which were mostly "what ifs" or "what would you do" questions (one question included "what would you do if you were working with a customer and you don't know much about the product?" and "what's more important: technical knowledge, or salesman experience?"). A few minutes later, I stopped by L&L Hawaiian BBQ and got lunch (chicken katsu w/ BBQ chicken and lumpia) and afterwards I watched "X3: The Last Stand". When I reached my neighborhood, I noticed that the lights were out in the intersection, and deducted that the entire neighborhood didn't have any power. Later, I learned that a few places on Oahu didn't have electricity with a radio station say that neighborhoods stretching from Hawaii Kai to Makakilo didn't have any. Since there weren't any power, the family went out to Waikele. During the trip, I saw two newsvans (KGMB @ golden coin and KHNL by Diners drive in - in my neighborhood). Oh, and while at Waikele Shopping Center, I tried to get a drink from the vending machine, but it ate my $2. After trying to make the Dasani water machine work, I got fed up and asked a KMart associate for help. She also tried to retrieve the money, but just put up a not working sign and refunded my money.

SnowBoards in Hawaii? (The Sports Authority)

Computer accessories @ Lowes Hardware
(USB cables, Cat5 cables, etc)

The future residence of CompUSA (and the location of the job fair)

KHNL News 8 (our NBC affiliate) at Diners Drive in (yes, it says Jenny's drive in, but I prefer to call them Diners) doing a live about the blackout

More Networking equipment @ Lowes Hardware.

About to go to the CompUSA job fair

I hope that this job will be a bit more permanent. Its been more than a month since the job with Hawaiian Telcom ended, and I tried to apply at Upnext wireless, but no luck so I'll be sticking to tech jobs for a while. CompUSA is opening a Good Guys/CompUSA location at the Pearl Highlands location near Wal Mart soon, and as their sign said, they're having a job fair there this weekend. I prepared my resume and cover letter, and putting it in my career portfolio with other examples of my work and experience.

Wish me luck, and hopefully I get this job.