Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Time to leave...

I just hate leaving a blog just because of changes, but it happened.

I got new blog after I bought some webspace, so I'll be using that until it expires, then I'll come back here. But until then, I guess this is goodbye blogspot. Its been nice while it lasted, and I really learned a lot from this blog website. I hope to return, but until then, aloha, and mahalo for everything!

The new blog is located here.

Monday, July 17, 2006

I'm now parked!

If you go to pyehac.com then you'll see that my website is parked by dreamhost.com.

Also, if everything goes as planned, pyehac.com will be the "computer services" website, while evenworse.net (just registered it today) will be my personal site.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

playing the waiting game

I knew I should have waited 1) to get more opinions on the webhost and registar 2) until Monday to sign up and stuff. I made a huge mistake by doing everything on Friday. Sure, the weekend will kill some time, but the paperwork will be completed in a business day, so that means I'll have everything by Tuesday at the latest. :(

Friday, July 14, 2006

Just registered a website

I registered the domain "pyehac.com" to get myself and my computer repair service online.

Next, I'll need to get my drivers permit.

enjoying summer

I'm at my lanai just enjoying the summer rain and winds. There's only two more things that would make this better: a sofa, and a higher end laptop so that I can play some games while I'm half dazed!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

I'm wireless!

I'm typing this from my laptop that is receiving a wireless connection from my router! I got it at Circuit city for$50, and I spent a good part of the afternoon trying to configure it with the current network, afterwards I just chucked the existing router and used the wireless combo router. So far, its been receiving good signals from around the house. Only my laptop and my brother's PSP has been able to go online. Just a few seconds ago, I put security measures to help keep it safe, so hopefully people won't steal my bandwidth.

The reason why I'm on my laptop tonight, is because my computer can't go online at the moment. I don't know why, but I guess there's something wrong with the line.


I just heard the funniest thing from the PA system of the Fire department maintanance center behind my house: " you're in trouble now". It sounded like something you'd hear between drivers with two way radios in their cars.

Plans for the future

I just got up, and already got a talk from my Mom about the future plans. She wants me to get my drivers license so that I can drive my friend around to music gigs and to let me better serve people who needs computer help. But first, I need to get a job, and that means prepping my resume and finding the job. I also need to get my CNA and A+ certs, so that'll go into consideration.

The reason why I don't drive ATM, is because 1) We have a very good public transportation system 2) I don't really have a use for driving because I was in school and parking was a nightmare 3) I was rushed into it - this point being that I didn't prep myself for the mental and physical work I was doing. I ran a stoplight with the HS instructor and I usually get bored looking at long roads even though I do that frontal view scanning thing. 4) My car choices are either a 1995 Ford Aerostar EXT van or a 1996 Ford Taurus car. The van has a soft pedal, and since my legs are short, I have to scoot up against the steering wheel, which would be good if I didn't have the stomach of a 6 month old pregnant woman. My Mom says "don't worry about the money. Its going towards your future" but I sometimes can't work with that. I know she means well and wants the best for her children, but sometimes we have to plan our own direction.

NOW its over!

I just arrived from my graduation dinner at Outback Steakhouse, and what a way to end college. But let me start from the beginning.

It all started in the afternoon while on the road to go to the Sheraton Hotel. My Mom was doing her infamous "I'm a good driver" routine. When we got to Waikiki, she started to freak out and ask my friend where to turn. During the verbal fight, we missed the hotel entrance, and had to find our way around Waikiki to start all over again. While we were going in circles, my cousin and sister decided to count how many ABC stores there were. They stopped at 15 stores (ABC = All Blocks Covered). We eventually got to the hotel by going into a side street and seeing the hotel sign across from the intersection we were at. Me and my friend then argued about where was the parking, and when my Mom decided to listen to his directions, we went the wrong way (I suggested that we turn left, when he suggested we go straight then left, passing the parking). We back tracked and went to the right place, and was only an 30 minutes late (the picture taking started at 3:30pm, we arrived at 4pm). I got to the ballroom area and we took pictures, and surprise: I saw my fellow classmate who started with me! The bad thing was, that I forgot to take a picture with him. Afterwards, they let us go for an hour before we were supposed to get ready. Fast forward an hour later, and we started to line up according to our numbers. We then waited around for 30 minutes, while the audience and other people take their seats. When it was time to go, it was like graduating High School all over again. For an hour, deans, teachers, and other faculty talked about our experiences yaddah yaddah... then we got our degrees. I was so worried about tripping over my gown, that I actually did while going up the small steps onto the stage. From that point on, I was on the stage for 2 seconds flat. I didn't remember the moment, much less the noise or what happened. Fast forward 10 minutes later. We shift our tassles from right to left, and promptly exited the stage to our designated waiting areas. Unlight HS, there were people waiting for us, so it was hard to reach my waiting spot, much less find my family. After waiting a few minutes, I was greeted by my father, who gave me the first lei. Then, my Mom gave me three other leis and we began to take pictures. By that time, my eyes were fluttered with bulb flashes. To make a long story short, there were 73 people who graduated.

Then it was the mad rush out the parking garage. While in the garage, my Mom gets bombarded with calls, one in particular, was my father, who asked where the restaurant was. He and my Mom got into an argument about where it was, but eventually he found it (we saw his car when we were pulling out of the parking structure the first time). Speaking of it, we did get out of the parking structure that was near the restaurant, because we couldn't find any parking (2 levels were too much for my friend to walk because of his legs) and that's when my Mom almost broke down and got a temper. We eventually calmed her down and went back to the parking structure after we couldn't find any outside parking. We met my father and parked next to him and went to the restaurant together. At the Outback steakhouse, they greated us and congratulated me on graduating. I got to eat a 7oz. tenderloin steak with garlic mashed potatoes, cooked medium rear, and it was delicious. I never tasted such tender meat in my life! For dessert, I had a huge piece of cheesecake, drizzled with hot chocholate, and it was so good (and big) that I had to share 1/3 of it with family.

Well, that's a good summary of tonight. At 11am today, I'll head off to a client's place to fix her computer, then its off to my cousin's to fix their computer.

Large piece of cheese cake

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Me @ graduation

EDIT: 08:10
Oh, and if you're wondering, there's absolutely no Tmobile service at the Sheraton, or the Outback Steakhouse.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Back on the upswing!

A few hours before we're supposed to head out to the hotel, I'm back to my normal self. I guess I had an episode of depression yesterday, with the worry of finding a job and everything. I'll still keep my teacher and friend in mind during the ceremony, and afterward we're going to Outback Steakhouse (sorry if that was deja vu) so hopefully I can make the most of it w/out pushing it into a graduation party.

The rest of the week will be a transition week, with me putting the final touches to my resume, then next week I'll be hitting the pavement (or internet highway) to find a job. My prediction? I'll get a few offers, with me going to probably half of those offers, and getting a job hopefully by the end of the month (or sooner).

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Pricing list for computer

I cleaned and reorganzied the interior of my computer, and although its not as clean as my former desktop, its an improvement from what I started out with. I installed a floppy drive and a rounded IDE cable for the optical drive. I discovered that the current floppy cable doesn't reach from the floppy to the back end of the motherboard for data connectivity, so I'll need to get that.

I made a list of what I should get to improve the overall case:

- Modular PSU (particularly the Antec Neopower PSU)
- floppy cable long enough to reach
- quieter 120mm fan.
Yes, its quiet already, but if the stock 120mm fan is that quiet, then imagine how peaceful I'll be when I get an aftermarket version.

Also, I'm planning on somehow put another fan in there, but I have no idea how yet.

Okay, so why I am not excited?

Tomorrow is graduation day for me, and it seems like I'm not looking forward to it. Sure, all of my family and friends will be there, and I'll show that I'm the first person in my immediate family to graduate from college, but I'm not feeling excited for a few reasons: A classmate and friend who was always there to make me laugh isn't expected to be there because of a single class and a few assignments he didn't finish. I was expecting to take my first (and last) pictures with him, but now that won't be possible. Second: my favorite teacher isn't expected to be there also. Sure, there'll be other teachers (mainly my physics teacher and grad project teacher) but I had the absent teacher for most of my quarters during my stay, and I just want to have a picture of him to remember college by.

I know this won't be my last college experience, but I made it so far since I left high school. I guess I can take this in stride and put on a happy face for them.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Summer in Hawaii

This is the first summer that I get the chance to actually relax (on my computer) and its windy! The news say that gusts of 40mph or more is expected this week an since my computer is next to my window, it better be cooled enough. Windsurfers are praising the gods today.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Then, there were two (left)

I just finished setting up my first-built computer for my cousin, who is currently using it for basic internet surfing. As I thought, she was ecstatic about the faster connection speed, that she was shielded from since we got DSL. As for her former computer, I might dismantle it, as the case is an Antec lanboy-ish case (it has the front optical doors and size of the lanboy, without the straps or case window of the lanboy) the PSU was also a replacement because the Compaq case and PSU decided to crap out a few years ago. The rest of the parts, the seperate CD burner and DVD reader, motherboard, faulty NIC, and 56kpbs modem are all stock, so I might salvage the CD burner and DVD player if I'll decide to chuck the computer. But I also might think of turning it into a Linux machine - if I can find a cheap hard drive (I pulled the stock 40gb HD and put it in my cousin's computer, after I took my former hard drive and placed it in this machine).

As stated by the title, I only have two computers on the desk: my SFF computer and my laptop. I have yet to reorganize my desk, but its definately quieter without the fans and lights.

Friday, July 07, 2006

I'm so insulted!

I just got an email from someone who saw my resume on craigslist and she asked if I wanted to clean houses for $10/hour while I 'wait for my dream job'. I have never been so insulted in my life! I'm a filipino, and even though our relatives were janitors and maids, it doesn't give anyone the permission to label every filipino as professional cleaners.

Anyway, I'm typing this from my SFF computer, so its about ready to replace my other computer. I just need to put the other hard drive in and give it to my cousin.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

What's next? A+ and CNA certifications

No, not Certified Novell Administator (I wish) but Certified Nursing Assistant. Yes, I'm tackling that again - but this time, I made a deal with my Mom. I told her that I needed to get a "computer certification" inorder to get a higher paying job (A+) and I agreed to get my CNA certification well before the deadline of January 2007 (I promised her I'd get it before September). Of course, I'll still be getting a job and hopefully I can handle the stress of a workplace for more than a few weeks.

Grades are in!

Okay, the last time I blogged I checked my grades, and my teacher for Routing didn't update the grades. Luckily I waited a couple of hours later, because the official grades are in:

Physics: C (70.58%)
Grad Project Completition: A (92.57%)
Introduction to Routing Concepts: C (76.25%)

I just barely passed Routing and Physics with low Cs, even though I had a leeway of a D to graduate. I know that networking hasn't been my best subjects (advanced networking, security, routing - all I had to repeat) and so has Math (I took algebra about four times, including dropping it a couple of times) but I know now what I have to do: believe in myself and if I have questions, ask someone!

But the bad news, is that a friend won't be graduating along side me. I mentioned him in a previous entry, and I heard his classmates say that he didn't turn in the work as the teacher asked, so he failed the class. Buddy: I'll be thinking of you at graduation!

Last post from Heald College Honolulu

Well, I finished my routing final exam a few minutes ago. I couldn't get the computers to ping over the switch, but the pinging over the router was successful. When the class time was up, our teacher gave us graduating people a few words of advice, mainly "to be able to think", be it at a workplace, class, or where ever. He also said that during the past 18+ months at Heald, you should have been thinking of if this is what you wanted. Ever quarter was an opportunity to reevaluate that thought, and if you didn't like it now, then you can get your certificate and move on. I have learned a lot from my years here at Heald College. At first, I wasn't confident in building a computer, and I left that to my brother to build my first computer (but I rebuilt it so, I reshifted that to me) but then I built my graduation project all by myself and got it to work. Also, I have learned a lot about networking computers and more about myself here. Now I have the skills to be a Network Systems Administrator, and hopefully I can put my skills to good work.

Yesterday, was my Physics Final test, and I bombed on that. At this moment, I'm logging to the site to check my grades, as its pretty much set in concrete already.

I learned a lot from this school, and after this I'll have to make a new chapter in my life and get into the real world, if I haven't gotten into it already. I don't know where the future will take me, or what God has instore for me, but I now have the confidence to do more things than when I started at school in January 2004.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I'm very nervous right now.

Its less than 30 minutes before the start of the routing finals, and after that will be the physics final. I have, what I think, is all of the labs required to do the final, so hopefully I can use them during the setup. Speaking of the physics final, I only had three sheets of notes, which doesn't look like all of the notes taken during the past month or so of lectures.

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

I don't have enough patience lately

I don't know if its the long journey from start to end, the numerous tests I took and barely squeezed by, or what, but I'm not feeling too good going into the final day of school. Sure, I should be happy that my first college experience is finally coming to an end, but I'm also bumming out that it took this long. And the fact that I'm overhyping this graduation too much since it was announced last month, I'm getting tired of expecting this, even though its a week away. Everyone is making a big deal about it: my parent are still pushing the idea to have a graduation party, on top of having an after-graduation-dinner someplace in Waikiki; not to mention I now have one more arsenal to my resume to get a job. I guess its because I'm already seeing into the future, and that I have to make my own roads from now on: not counting on school, teachers, classmates or anything like that for support or guidance. I'll soon be facing the real world, and I can't even control my patience or anger. I blew my top off after I can't get my friend's computer to produce audio from the integrated sound card - even though his computer is filled with spyware and other things that I'm worried about but no matter how I tell him, he still isn't worried - telling me "what do I have to worry about? I don't have anything those companies can steal."

Although, I'm beginning to see that this education has paid off. I have learned a lot from just reading: the teachers, friends, and lectures really helped me with my education and my drive to success. Sure, I'll need to take my A+ certification and have the ability to increase my skills, but the support from Heald College is invaluable. Plus, I can take refresher courses (whatever that is) if I need to.

I guess its how you bring yourself up. If you believe in yourself and don't sweat the small stuff (something I'm trying to stop, because I can see the details in things) and take the time to see the bigger picture (something I used to do in High School, but apparently losing it) then you'll be okay in life.

Computer Problems galore!

I thought I'd be enjoying the fireworks at the beach tonight, but today is filled with computer problems.

My laptop's USB support is screwing up, because whenever I connect a USB device, the computer would detect it (the safely remove usb device icon shows in the bottom-right hand corner) but it wouldn't display in My Computer. The only way I can solve that is to log out and log back in. I just noticed it happens after I installed the WGA thingy a few weeks back. Speaking of which, I also noticed my SFF computer acting strangely after I installed the WGA on it. I don't know if its a coincidence, but I'm not installing that on any computers unless its foolproof. Another computer problem is from my friend's computer. Last night, his computer wouldn't turn on. I resolve last night's delima by removing a few USB connected devices and the network cable, but that didn't work. I tried to clear the CMOS memory by removing the CMOS battery for a few minutes, but that didn't work.

Lastly, I just remembered that I need 25 ft of straightthrough cabling for tomorow's final. I'm so screwed.

Monday, July 03, 2006

I don't need a graduation party!

My friend just mentioned to me what kind of food I want at my graduation party. To him, I replied: "I don't need a graduation party". I then tell him that I worked hard for the past two years and I don't want to blow my parent's money on some 5 hour party with food and gifts and whatnot. Sure, maybe the relatives might give me gifts and money, but 1) its not over! I still have to look for a job 2) its not a bday or xmas!

Sure, I maybe stubborn not wanting a celebration of my hard work, but I will throw a fit and moan an bitch about it if they do (no matter if its infront of other family members or at a restaurant where some of my friends might be at). Me and my older brother (who's on the mainland also for school) knows how hard my parents work for the money. A party in the middle of July isn't what we need.

(but the only way I might go with it, is if my teachers, classmates and friends will come, but that's like bringing dark and light together for a few hours.)

Another power surge

A few minutes ago, Heald College has been subjected to a power surge, resulting in all computers restarting.

Looks like everything is back in order physically, but the server that has the personal space for students is down.

What's happening now...

Yes, its another multi-posting in one post.

routing class
Finals will be on Wednesday, and we went over some last minute details. The only interesting thing that happened, was that towards the end of the class, there was a power flucuation, which caused the lights to flicker for a few milliseconds (it was very visible) and caused some of our computers to restart - including mines. The bad thing, is that I think the hard drive failed, because it wasn't booting into the OSes (which is a very bad thing at a time like this).

physics presentation
Well, the teacher didn't have the multimedia cart used to do powerpoint presentations, so I was the only present person who didn't do a presentation. Another guy commented that "why do you have to be all high-tech?" to which I just laughed.
When I think of presentations, I think of Powerpoint (as the case with my algebra class. WHen we had to do a present a problem to the class, I went through the whole weekend making the powerpoint, only to see an email from the teacher that I just needed a 3 minute presentation using the board).

selling phones
I got offers on the phones I'm selling: the Samsung e715 and Motorola v300. I have the Samsung phone in my bag with me ATM, expecting the deal to go down within the next couple of hours and the v300 deal should (well, I wish I had the phone, so it'd go down today.)

So, that's my posting for today. I hope everyone has a happy 4th of July, and that no one gets hurt.

Sunday, July 02, 2006


So, my parents went out and got two new appliances for the house: a stove range and a refridgerator. The stove is for us because the current one we have crapped out recently, and the fridge was for my uncle who is helping us with the rent and living across from us - its kinda like an incentive for staying with us (or thanks, since the rent market is gosh darn high). I'm just glad that its not like the moving day last month, when we had to bring down a stove and range straight down a flight of stairs (but then, we had two other people helping, and I wasn't holding the fridge).

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Mo' computers, mo' problems

Today, I thought I started to migrate my data from my current computer onto my SFF computer. Easy right? Nope.

Everything was going smooth: I installed the drivers (video, audio, NIC, etc), then came the software. I believe after I installed Microsoft Encarta encyclopedia and Streets and Trips, I started to get slowdowns. So, I troubleshooted, starting out with a clean msconfig startup list, then slowly checking each boxes and logging out and logging back in. I thought I eliminated all of the culprits by starting the essentials (NOD32, ZoneAlarm, LClock, and Rainlender) but while I was copying music onto the computer, it slowed down to a crawl again. I thought it was the dual core processor, so I applied a fix for gaming for dual core processors, but that didn't work. So, instead of just going through the night irritated, I just switched back to my other computer and I'll fix that either tomorrow or when I have time (I have finals this week, and I need to do good or else no graduation.)

And another problem, is that I corrupted my Vista partition, as it wouldn't boot, saying a file is either corrupted or missing. Again, I'll fix that when I have time.

EDIT: July 2 @ 1856HST
It looks like the NIC problem comes from a bad chip on the NIC. I posted more details on the Project Core Fight blog because its more related to that than anything else. I'm thinking of getting a seperate NIC, even thought it'll block the video card (or use the NIC in my current computer and use the integrated when I give it to my cousin). The other option would be RMAing the seven-month-old motherboard, and I don't want to wait a few days for that.