Friday, January 30, 2009

Screw Asus motherboards

For the past 24 hours, me and my coworker has been trying to get a Asus P5N-D motherboard to show something on the monitor after we restart the computer.

I changed out every component but the motherboard and it still would do that. Booting into a LiveCD of Ubuntu; running memtest for a few minutes; installing Vista - every time the computer is restarted it'd have nothing on the screen. My boss even took a swing at it, and he eventually had me post on the Asus forums (although I never use their forums and know what the answer will be) and had a new AMD Phenom I-based motherboard and CPU combo waiting for me after I've exhausted every option. I installed the AMD components, and bam - it boots - and its fast too: Gigabyte crossfire motherboard; AMD Phemom I Quad core processor; 2x ATI Radeon 4670 (I think its the those cards) video cards in crossfire; all with Vista 64 bit.

Yeah, my next build will be something similar - x64 and all.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

right on cue

You guessed it, another person came up to me at work and asked a question about the beloved HTC Touch Pro, this time it was about connecting a USB flash drive to the phone.

Is there a sign around here that says I have a HTC Touch Pro?

Monday, January 19, 2009

'don't take things for granted' and 'so long circuit city'

For the past 2 days, my computer has been without no sound... until today. It all happened after I transferred my components into the behemoth of a case I brought home on Saturday. It looks like the integrated sound card was shot. No worries - off to Circuit City. After waiting forever to find a parking space, I fought the crowds and got a sound card on the cheap. After waiting for another eternity in line for the cash register, I paid for it, drove home, and installed it. The good news is that now my computer boots 30 seconds faster!

Oh, and yeah, Circuit City is closing. The sign said 30% off (I might have missed the 'up to' part because I didn't have any markdowns on my product) but it was just announced, so by the time 70% comes, the store will either be empty or gone. I'll miss Circuit City though. After CompUSA closed, we only had Circuit City, Best Buy and Walmart for our computer/electronic stores. Of course, there's, who can ship a product within 3 days if shipped from California, but I hate waiting. If I have to guess, I think I spent close to $2,500 at Circuit City, ranging from video cameras, digital cameras, to a laptop, computer video games, and various accessories.

You'll be missed Circuit City - and screw Best Buy.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

A good reason to upgrade?

Last night, I brought home a new computer case I bought from someone, a Thermaltake VA8000BWS full tower case (this thing is huge and heavy!) I transferred all of my components into this case, and now for some reason my sound doesn't work. The speakers works but nothing from my integrated sound card doesn't work. Booting into Linux, reloading the drivers, unplugging some stuff on the motherboard, installing a sound card (tip: never pull a used sound card from a computer that was made during the windows 98 era unless you know there's Vista drivers for it) - I'm about to reseat everything (which is a pain because I spent a good while routing the cables). In the event that it doesn't work, looks like I'll have to either spend the money on a new sound card (that's vista capable) or upgrade to a new system - which is going to be costly. I priced an Intel quad core (might as well aim high since I don't want to go with a dual core) processor, motherboard, 4gb RAM (ooh, gotta add in Vista ultimate 64bit), and a SATA DVD burner - my current DVD burner sucks. Everything comes out to a hair over $600 - I already have the case, PSU (unless I can find a cheap one at work) and hard drive.

And I was hoping I could use my old case replace a computer in the house. :(

they're everywhere!

Okay, not everywhere, but so far within the past 2 weeks, I've seen one person flash their HTC Touch Pro to me (either show me a picture on it, ask for a cable). I don't know if they're actually HTC Touch Pros or the ATT Fuze version, but damn. Oh wait, this is a military base... so that's what the military people are spending their money on... a $500 phone!

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

$500 GPS navigator

Yes I know - there are a few $500 GPS navigators on the market, but this one has a phone, MP3 player, video player, camera *breaths* and a slide out keyboard. I just set the baudrate in tomtom for 2400 (it was originally set at 4800)

But still, it won't meet my ruggedness of my Motorola SLVR (would you drop a $500 cell phone?)

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Help!!! Fire!!!

I just took a few pictures of the aftermath of a fire that happened in the neighborhood

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Today was my Touch Pro's first day as a 'cell phone' (I've been using a dummy SIM card on it ever since I've gotten it) and on some occasions (mostly when I'm in tomtom) it freezes for no apparent reason. The only way I could remedy it was to hard boot the phone.

Maybe it's just a fluke, as I hate wearing two phones on my belt.

Friday, January 09, 2009

junk music

Right now, I'm filling up my Fuze with music now that my 8gb memory card in use, and I just realized a lot of my music is... well... crap. I guess that's what you get from listening to a hip hop station for most of your life.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Don't ever drive while holding your phone

For the past two nights, I've been installing Tomtom onto my Fuze. I finally succeeded tonight, and went out for a drive. It got my location within a couple of feet (when I was turning, the map showed I was about to turn) maybe because it was near my gear shifter.

Oh well. Now I gotta find a windshield holster for it. :D

Friday, January 02, 2009

Gotta do my research

I unexpectedly stopped by the sprint store kiosk after work at work to get a car charger for my new phone. I paid about $30 for it, but luckily didn't open it (as per the salesperson's request - who did want to open it). I go home, and a few hours later, I found out that HTC's extUSB is compatible with the miniUSB - that means my Motorola's SLVR charger can charge my phone! I don't know if I have a Motorola SLVR car charger, but I'll be returning the car charger to the sprint kiosk tomorrow.

I thought it was weird when the salesperson sold me a Motorola car charger...

Thursday, January 01, 2009

First day with the ATT Fuze

First off, Happy New Year.

Now, I've used this phone for about 24 hours, and there's some quirks I must point out. First, its not an iPod/iPhone because I'm so used to the zooming in on webpages when I'm online. With this Windows Mobile phone, I have to double tap, or use the middle button to zoom in/out. The external keyboard is nice to have - as I have yet to use the touchscreen keyboard. You gotta have either a data plan or the maps loaded onto memory cards to use the GPS, but it does work after I downloaded google maps. Finally, battery life is a bit on the short side, with it lasting about a day with average use and calls.

Oh, and so far, I can't set the usual reville tone as my phone's alarm, but it does have the standard alarm tone found in alarm clocks. And as for home screen customization, it sucks. I know, the home screen on windows mobile phones are meant to see the upcoming events and appointments, but it looks like you gotta edit the registry to change the font colors - something I'll dive into after I get my memory cards.

Overall, it is a new form factor, and a new OS for a phone, so as usual, I expected a steep learning curve, as this is like a mobile PC. However, compared to my other phones, this is like a whole new animal.


What can't this phone do?

Its been a few hours since I've opened my phone's package, and man... what can't this phone do? wifi internet, slide out keyboard, vivid touch screen, MP3 player, media player, FM radio, GPS navigator, oh, and I received a few calls on it already so its a phone also. Not to mention it has a video and digital camera.

Luckily, my manager gave us the day off tomorrow, so I'll be testing the GPS navigation and see if there's any other accessories I can buy for this cool device!