Friday, February 27, 2009

I need a laptop, quick!

Okay, so I already have a laptop (my trusty ol' Dell latitude c610 that I bought for college a couple of years ago which I now turned to an ubuntu laptop) but I need one that can be used away from a desk (the screen's hinge is loose, and I read online that if I tightened them any more, I can break them). Yes, I've been using my mobile devices (my HTC Touch Pro and iPod touch) but they both have small screens and using the touchscreen while typing isn't the best - and my Touch Pro's keyboard is only good for texting and not blogging (see previous post).

I'm not sure if I'll get a netbook, since I do need a optical drive, and the keyboard is still small, even for the current 10" netbooks. Plus, if I get one, I'll have to buy two computers - one for said optical drive, and another for my 'mobile use'.

However, having a computer repair job does has its advantages: you can 'use' people's laptops and see which are good (and bad). I really like the Dell XPS laptops with the 12" screen - the keyboard is not too small, and the screen is not too big - plus it has an optical drive, and its easy to upgrade - plus it has a swivel camera.

As for going back to HP/Compaq - they'll have to seriously win me over within the next couple of months if they want my business again. As I see people bring in their HPs and Compaqs with the same problem that is on their "limited warranty list", I feel their pain - of first bringing their computer to someone else to help take a look at it, and secondly - to have their computer shipped off to the mainland to be repaired. Then again, other manufacturers has their pros and cons also: Toshiba's wiring plain sucks; Acer and Emachine's driver download website is incomplete; Averatec is just low quality and I just don't have any bad things to say about Gateway and Dell laptops right now. The one time I worked on a gaming laptop from Gateway - man, the CPU was just underneath the cover on the bottom - easy access to the heatsink, RAM, hard drive etc - just one door! And Dells - they're just so easy to take apart - I can take apart those Inspirons and XPS laptops in a couple of minutes.

The only bad part about not having a laptop actually is that I don't have access to my personal files at work - I usually backup my USB flash drives as images on my laptop, just incase there's a virus attack - I can just boot into ubuntu, reformat the drive, and reimage the drive - all in about 5 minutes.

But first, I need to put new rubbers on my car - it looks like it had the original Goodyears since it came from japan.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

posted from my doctor's office

Luckily there's an unsecured wireless network here at my doctor's office, or else I'd be really bored.

It uses a hawaiian telcom connection with a scrambled SSID. :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

screw compaq/HP laptops

I'm used to fixing other people's computers, but not my own.

After about 2 years of usage, my Compaq Presario V6120US laptop has stopped booting. I turned it on this morning (after using it a few days ago) and there was nothing on the screen. I removed the RAM - no beeps. I disconnected the CMOS battery in hopes that would do anything.

I got the computer from Circuit City with my first credit card, upgraded the RAM to 2gb, and its been my XP machine since I upgraded my desktop to Vista.

Damn computer.