Thursday, April 30, 2009

one step closer...

For pushing a lot of computers out at work (but they're still coming in) I rewarded myself by going to Best Buy and checking out an early birthday gift. Luckily they had the Asus EEE PC 1000HEB netbook - and I typed the phrase "The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog" with only 1 mistake in notepad - meaning the keyboard is comfortable enough for me to use! I went home and checked out the specs, and it looks like the 1000HEB version sucks, and the one I should be looking at is the 1000HE.

On, the netbook plus a CD drive comes out to about $500 with shipping - I'll upgrade the RAM and HDD later. I'm planning on sticking to XP right now, but hopefully install win7, ubuntu, and/or even Mac OS X.

And for what I'll be doing it'll be OK. I've been debating if I should get a netbook or a gaming laptop, and if I get a gaming laptop - I'll just sit in the living room playing GTA:IV all night long (or at work, at the park, etc).

Now the hardest part for me is to get the money while trying to balance a budget. I almost pulled whatever I had in my savings plus my paycheck to get it (yeah, its not a lot, but look at where I am)


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

RIP: Hot939/i-94's wake up crew

I just learned from tonight that Clear Channel is doing a shakeup. [source]

Basically, Rory Wild and Gregg Hammer (the pair that makes up KIKI-FM Hot 939's Wake Up Crew) is moving to sister station KDNN-FM Island 98.5 - after 19 years! Island 98.5's current morning show hosts is going off air (1/2 of which [Jr. K Jr] got his gig started on the WUC). Back home, Natasha will be the 'leader' while they're brining in someone else - Maleko (from KUCD-FM Star 101.9).

AND Pablo Sato is back at his usual afternoon gig at Hot 939 (his third comeback?)

All will happen tomorrow: April 29, 2009

To me, Rory and Gregg is the Wake Up Crew. Whenever either one is gone, the show isn't the same. So I basically tuned in a few times today to the last WUC broadcast. And I just checked out their websites, and their profiles already changed to reflect the changes tomorrow.

And I've listened to them ever since I heard them on the radio a few years ago - starting with Shalynn Cole, Mike G, Ugly Bucky, Shawn D, Shawnee, then Natasha. If I remembered, Pablo Sato once substituted when neither Gregg or Rory was available, and even Lanai too.

I don't care if this reaches the execs at Clear Channel Hawaii, but I'll miss you guys.


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Friday, April 24, 2009

car troubles at work!

So it looks like my battery decided to die on me this afternoon.

I went to start my car, and it wouldn't crank - the gauges would light up, but then the needles would go to the other side of the tachometer and speedometer, then go down. I discussed it with my coworker who thought it was a dead battery, so he jumped started my car and I was fine... for a few yards. My car died on the road leaving the mall, but luckily a few soldiers helped pushed my car to a side parking lot, where I waited for my Dad to jump start me again. I took the long way home and my power steering went out - luckily there was just one O-turn which I struggled to navigate. But just my luck, my car stopped just as I entered the driveway - causing my entire family to push it a few feet into my stall. There, my brother removed my battery, and we went to Sam's club to get a replacement. Luckily that's all it was to it because I went out with a friend and we never got any problems.