Monday, July 13, 2009

oh no, they got another one

We finally got ownership of our (counts in his head) 4th van - a 2003 Mazda MPV. Yay, now my car won't be lonely - now it has a car it can accompany to the dealership for maintenance! It has leather seats, sunroof and automatic sliding doors - so its pretty good for a van.

All in all, we have a total of (counts in his head) eight vehicles: three Ford vehicles (one car, truck, and van); two Chrysler vehicles (one each Dodge and Chrysler van); two Mazdas (my car and the MPV) and my brother's Infiniti.

Thoughts? We have so much vehicles, we can hire a valet full time to help park them! Of the van? its weird driving a Mazda vehicle that can hold seven people, but for a six year old vehicle, it drives good. My only complaint is that there's no actual steering wheel buttons - there's levers on the steering wheel. And the gear shifter on the steering column blocks some of the radio controls (mainly the volume control).