Thursday, August 27, 2009

[RANT] Home Address placement

Today, as I drove to people's homes to drop/pick them up, I noticed not much homes has a standard address placement - nothing on their mailbox, above their garage, not even on the sidewalk. I had to circle around a few times for most places - and during one time, I drove passed my passenger a few times until I took a guess that it was her waiting on the side of the street. What makes it worse is that the GPS navigation system don't accurately pinpoint the address given, and I have to rely on my map skills to get me there while driving.


Friday, August 14, 2009

I feel so drained

Lately, I've been staying home since I feel so dizzy and basically have low energy to work, much less drive 12 miles to work. If I do drive, either I make it to about 10 miles where I pull over to the nearest mall and rest to drive home, or atleast one time notify my family to check up on me (but that one time, a family friend stayed with me until I was able to drive and he followed me home in seperate cars).

High blood glucose, low blood glucose - its a total balancing act.

Not to mention since I'm not working money, I'm not bringing home a paycheck - which means I'm in danger of being late on my bills -- and I already had an experience with that before, with my car almost being repo'd. I know they say you gotta be positive when battling this disease, but its hard to do it, especially since you know there's no cure (but with technology, they're working on it).

To make it worse, my doctor knows of no active diabetic support group, so I've been doing all of the research online which is hard to do since everyone claims a certain method works for them.

But I know its doable, so I gotta work hard.


Sunday, August 09, 2009

followup: damn desktop computer

What needed to be a 30 minute swap job turned into a 2 hour job because I had to rest for lunch because of my diabetes. Needless to say, I swapped the huge full size Thermaltake Armor VA8000B to the much smaller Coolermaster case (I suddenly forgot the model number for it - I bought in the last weeks that CompUSA as in business). Its a bit smaller, has less fans and barely fit my huge Nvidia Geforce 9800GTX+ OC video card but atleast its reliable. The only reason I upgraded to the Thermaltake case was to use bigger fans (120mm compared to 80mm) and better airflow.

It could have been worse: I could have shoved everything into my qpack which is at my cousin's house (she has a way of breaking every computer's hard drive she uses).

Saturday, August 08, 2009

damn desktop computer

After I cleaned my room today, my desktop computer decided to not boot into windows. It did the same thing before, but it was out of commission for a month while I used my laptop computer. It can boot to a ubuntu CD, and I can see the files via linux. I replaced the SATA cable and the hard drive, but it doesn't do anything. Now I can't boot to a DVD after I changed the optical drive!

Must resist turning into the hulk!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

I have a bike goal!!

While probing deeper into finding the right bike (its slim, but I have a couple of places to go to) I thought about the idea of riding my bike to work at my job's 3rd location (by Ice Palace for those of you who are familiar). Via Google map's walking direction (total is about 7 miles give a take a couple miles) I was able to follow the bike path from my house to Ice Palace. When I walked that route a few years ago going to Pearlridge Mall I took about 45 minutes - with a bike and extended distance I should bike in about the same time.

But first, I need to get a bike - but atleast I have a goal.

(oh, and of course my car can fit a bike with its seats down)

update with my life

Lately, I've been having a bit of trouble with my diabetes. Backstory: I was initially diagnosed with diabetes when I was about 13 but I was able to control my blood glucose levels and I've been fine for about 10 years. It unfortunately 'came back' when I went for a health checkup back in early February but only now had trouble with it (loss of energy, dizziness, etc) to the point where I couldn't go to work. My managers know about it, and are really supportive of me, but I'm slowly getting in control of it.

Now, I've been just going out and walking at stores to get some exercise, but while I was outside earlier today, I've seen my Dad's bicycles. The thought of me learning how to ride and going out to parks and onto the bike path and zooming faster than I could walk while getting exercise got me going to learn how to ride a bike. Unfortunately, after reading up on how to learn to ride a bike, it looks like the bikes my Dad has are too tall for me (I have short legs). And to get even a used bike I can ride (much less protective gear such as helmet and pads) will require money (I wish I can just repair people's computers for things I need), which I don't have since I'm barely working.

But I guess that's what I need to get myself motivated. Now I have a goal!!

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