Wednesday, September 23, 2009

24 on the 24th!

Its about 19:19hrs here in Hawaii, but tomorrow is a busy day for me to transport people, so I might as well post this.


I'll be the big 24 - that's right, almost a quarter century old baby!

And unfortunately with my diabetes and high blood pressure, I feel like I'm half a century old.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

first couple of hours with new 3rd gen iPod touch

After I spent a few hours with my new iPod touch, I can report on a few good and bad things. First, the good: atleast in the new iTunes 9 software - you can organize your apps in iTunes; the built in speakers are good for a quick listen to videos or music, but if you crank up the volume up too high it can sound bad and it is a bit faster than my 1st gen iPod touch. Now for the bad: no jailbreaking yet, so no custom wallpaper, name, or battery meter; since I'm cheap, I'm currently unprotected, so there's no screen protection, or it doesn't have its own case; and my car's stereo can't charge the iPod touch yet. Okay, so there's only one bad part about the new iPod touch so far - the rest I just gotta wait.

upgrade: Apple iPod Touch 32gb 3rd gen

I just came back from the Honolulu Best Buy after driving to my local wally world, Sam's Club, and Aiea Best Buy. Unfortunately, I had to pay MSRP of $299.99 for it.

More later.

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

sound, sound, beautiful sound!!!

My desktop finally has sound - and its not stuttering!!!

I originally wanted to use my SFF computer as my desktop, so I transferred everything into that and used an old motherboard I somehow got for something. While it worked, the only thing that was wrong was that the sound kept on stuttering. I diagnosed the problem to be the motherboard, and I transferred everything back into my big desktop and after hours of getting it back, I finally got the basics operational. It may not play the latest games on high (or medium) but I can now use a desktop instead of a laptop as my daily computer. I don't know how people use laptops as their main computers.

Oh, and I just noticed something: I'm becoming a BFG user. I have the BFG nforce4 Ultra motherboard, a BFG Nvidia 9800GTX+ video card, and now a BFG modular PSU.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

it's the iPod Touch, not the itouch!

I know this is the internet, but I get really irritated when people type out "itouch" instead of "iPod touch".

I guess Apple did start the 'I' craze (or not - I don't care)

People, you gotta train your dogs!

New neighbors just moved in next door a few weeks ago, and ever since then, I've been hearing them whistling to call their dog, but unfortunately the dog doesn't listen. Much worse, the kids call his name and treat him like a baby - but he's not! When will people learn that dogs (kind of like kids in a way) needs to be trained to be taught who's the master and who's not.


Getting there

Right now, corefight is about 80% complete - I'm just trying to figure out why there's intermittent stuttering when I play music - and its impossible to play music CDs because it garbles the music all up. I've narrowed it down to the hard drive and motherboard, which I'll try within the next few hours.

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Monday, September 14, 2009

Like a comfortable couch

Last night, I rebuilt my SFF desktop with a beefy 1kw modular PSU and a shorter DVD drive, then installed XP onto the SATA drive. Man, how I miss XP - none of that shiny graphics, admin privileges crap - just basic computing (I know, basic computing for others may mean DOS).

And I'm still amazed that my QPack case crammed everything into this small of a space. I can't wait until I upgrade to a Core2Quad machine - with of course the Nvidia geforce 9800GTX+ OC video card, sound card, wireless card, PSU, DVD drive, and possibly 120gb SATA HDD if I want to save money.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Wow, I saved $11

Since I got paid recently, now I can (re)build my desktop. I choose a 1kw PSU so I can upgrade components without worrying whether or not my PSU will be capable of powering everything; and a smaller LG SATA DVD-RW drive so I can fit the bigger PSU into my SFF case (QPack). And yes, I first checked on Best Buy's website to see how much they have it for, then went to the b/m store to see the price difference, and total, I'm saving $11! I don't even think I used a gallon of gas driving too and from home to the store, so its good to save - plus the less time I can spend there, the better.

Originally, I would have bought the PSU and another hard drive, but if this doesn't work, I can always return the DVD drive and get a hard drive then use my regular ATX case.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

bad month so far

Tonight, I got my first speeding ticket going about 52mph in a 35mph zone on a highway going downhill. I know that its the law that all drivers need to follow the posted speed limit sign, so I'll just pay the fine. The local police was on a spree tonight because I saw atleast 3 other vehicles pulled over along the roads on my way home.

In other news of this month: my Mom got into a small car accident (she and the car is alright); I got the flu earlier this month and still has a few lingering symptoms; my grandma's in the hospital; and our silver van is in the shop and there's a discrepancy in the warranty to fix the problem; and a black cat crossed my path tonight before I left the mall to drive and got the ticket.

Grandma's in the hospital

If you've been following my tweets, I've been at the hospital for the last hour visiting my Grandma. Apparently, she needs a blood transfusion. I won't post any more details because I'm not entirely sure about them, but we'll visit her again tomorrow. She'll get the transfusion tonight, and hopefully be back at home ASAP.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

I'm addicted to Sim City 4!

I've rediscovered Sim City 4 after I bought it yesterday. Thankfully I'd started playing it tonight because it looks like I've been playing it for 5 hours straight.

My population is about 54,000, but there's about 2,000 vehicles always getting into traffic jams onto the highways, but if I remember correctly, there's a BAT file that has a bus stop and a road on one tile - I gotta find that.

I think I made this addiction worse because I installed it onto my laptop.