Thursday, September 17, 2009

sound, sound, beautiful sound!!!

My desktop finally has sound - and its not stuttering!!!

I originally wanted to use my SFF computer as my desktop, so I transferred everything into that and used an old motherboard I somehow got for something. While it worked, the only thing that was wrong was that the sound kept on stuttering. I diagnosed the problem to be the motherboard, and I transferred everything back into my big desktop and after hours of getting it back, I finally got the basics operational. It may not play the latest games on high (or medium) but I can now use a desktop instead of a laptop as my daily computer. I don't know how people use laptops as their main computers.

Oh, and I just noticed something: I'm becoming a BFG user. I have the BFG nforce4 Ultra motherboard, a BFG Nvidia 9800GTX+ video card, and now a BFG modular PSU.


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