Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Finally not playing with my DS lite

It looks like I caught some nasty bug last night, because I was sneezing and had body ache. I rested up, but while I was awake, I played with my DS and pokemon. Lets just say the only reason why I'm not playing it right now is because I'm charging the DS' batteries.

I don't have an addiction... I don't have an addiction

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Back to the original

Yesterday, I bought myself a Nintendo DS Lite, and the first game I played? River City Ransom. That was my first video game on TV I played (the original NES), then I bought the GBA copy when I got a GBA, and now I'm playing it on my DS Lite. Other games I bought was a couple of Mario games, Pokemon Diamond (gotta have my pokemon), and Brain Age 2 (apparently, I'm an old fut at 70).

Has this replaced my PSP? For the time being - yes. I can't believe how fun these games are - compared to the PSP's 'real life' games.

The only reason why I'm not playing with it ATM is because its in my car and I'm too lazy to walk to it and get it (which will change soon)

The truck is back!

I went downstairs to get something in my car, and I noticed my Dad's van is parked in the front - then I realized his truck is back! There's no lumber rack, and I don't know if everything came back, but its nice to see that someone is looking out for us.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

back to using my laptop for a while

A few minutes ago, I discovered that my desktop's 120gb HDD (that was pulled from another computer) is dying.

Luckily I only installed my OS onto that HDD, and that my personal data are backed up on other HDDs - but still - I gotta use my laptop to keep on working, and that means either I lose valuable desk real estate because I'm using my laptop where my keyboard is, or I'll have to rearrange everything to accommodate my laptop - which means temporarily moving my desktop, two monitors, speakers, and external HDDs to make room.

However, there's good news: I just saved a bunch of money by planning on buying a copy of Windows 7 ultimate with a 80gb HDD. (you thought I switched to Geico huh?)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

I feel so violated

I found out this morning that my Dad's 1997 Ford F150 truck has been stolen. We have a police report number and have friends looking out for it around the island.

They're killing my childhood!

This year in media land, has been a rough one. Earlier this year, Clear Channel Radio announced a shake up in DJs - laying off Lanai and Jr. K Jr (who eventually returned) and replaced them with Hot 939's Wake up crew - yes Rory Wild and Gregg Hammer! I believe they've been there for about 19 years or so. Since then, KCCN FM 100 got Augie T to team up with Lina Girl (IMO sounds horrible).

Then a few months later, (as previously posted) KHNL/KFVE and KGMB agreed to a shared services agreement causing a lot of layoffs - but mostly from the KHNL camp.

(I'm a huge fan of this) Power Rangers - which has been on the air for about 17 years won't have a 2010 season. However, the original Japanese Sentai series will continue (Power Rangers is based off of the Sentai series).

All that's left is Legos. :(

KGMB to KHNL: we're taking over!

This week has been a hard week for KHNL. A couple of months ago, KGMB, KHNL and KFVE announced a shared services agreement combining news operations into one studio (KHNL's newly created studio) which saved KGMB from continuing to use their aging studios (which is next to my college: Heald College). Since then, layoffs literally cut KHNL's staff down to 4 people.

As stated by Honolulu Advertiser's article entitled "KHNL era fades to dark Monday" [LINK] KGMB is literally taking over KHNL's studio. Personally, I saw a preview of the new studio and KGMB brought over their set (which IMO is the best news set in the islands).

For those people interested, there's a PDF file showing the new crew and line up [LINK].

Effective Monday, October 26, 2009 - KHNL is dead.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Hard day

This afternoon alone, I had to transfer two wheelchair-bound people - back to back. I picked them up central downtown, drove them to about 15 miles away. After a 5 minute break, I had to fight afternoon traffic and pickup two more people again, then fight pau hana traffic and drop them off.

I knew there was a reason why we got a rear-ramp wheelchair van.

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

I hate only shopping at certain stores

I'm currently helping my brother and friend shop for their first laptops. Actually, my brother is OK since he can shop at Best Buy (I recommend getting an Asus laptop - like mine) but my friend has a gift card to Walmart/Sam's Club. Also, he wants a laptop with a blu-ray drive. Unfortunately, the only brands Sam's Club and Wally world has are Dells and HPs - and no Dells have any Blu-ray drives. The HP that does have it is the one I worked on a few months ago - and that needed warranty work.

Either he'll get a weaker laptop that'll last a bit longer (a Dell) or the features he needs and can gamble on letting it last a year or two (the HP)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I think I got the wrong portable gaming system

Yes, even with Gran Turismo, GTA:LCS, GTA:VCS, and Test Drive: Unlimited I'm still bored. Maybe its because its all driving based games??? Yeah, that could be it. I want to play pokemon (I used to play it back in high school); mario; river city ransom - I gotta get a Nintendo DS lite. Unfortunately, I priced out everything (Mario Kart, Super Mario 64, Super Mario brohters, Brain age, pokemon platinum, and a cobalt blue DS lite) and its close to $300! That's about how much I'm spending for my PSP 3000 plus 4 games or so. Basically I want a portable system that I can escape reality and do quick games or go on an adventure (I was trying to find Work, Time, Fun but I gave up after my local stores don't have them; and I'm not spending the money just to ship one game across the ocean from newegg)

I know, I have an iPod touch, but its weird using a touch screen (atleast with the DS, you also get physical buttons). But the DS can't watch movies or easily play music.

I wonder if santa will surprise me this year?

Monday, October 19, 2009

being in the news sucks

Well, I wasn't 'in' the news, but part of the news: there was a barricade situation after someone apparently fired a few shots at a towing company last night before 7pm. We were confined to our houses last night until about 3:30am, when the suspect apparently turned himself in.

For those tense hours, the only update I received was via KHNL's K5 news @ 9 - and that was just to give me a location of the place the person was held up (24 hour towing). From the house, I saw cars being turned away, people stopping at the yellow tape = we couldn't even go outside because police would literally yell at us.

Oh well.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

this holiday season will suck for me

With the resurgence of my diabetes earlier this year, I'm now watching and tooling what I'm eating. Some foods I can eat if I balance out the other side (like an algebra equation - and I hate math) - some I have to avoid.

It all started last month: it was our infamous 'birthday month': three birthdays almost once per week (my sister one week, mine the next, and a friend's the following weekend). Later this month, will be halloween; next month will be thanksgiving dinners; then december has its christmas treats.

it could be worse...


Tuesday, October 06, 2009

a good halloween scare

This morning, I went to pickup someone to drive them to their doctor. When I arrived there, I asked where is the person, and after a search, come to find out person was deceased. They thought I was the mortician and I was there to bring the body to the morgue - luckily I double checked and the person was taken away.


Sunday, October 04, 2009

Got a PSP 3000!

I know, the PSPgo! was released a couple of days ago, but it didn't have a UMD slot nor tried and true 'reliability'.

So far, it requires a wireless connection to have the wireless B standard on, which I found out after 30 minutes of switching through various wireless encryption.

Oh well. Now off to play Gran Turismo!

Friday, October 02, 2009

dreaming of getting a Zune?

Usually dreams are a key to something in our life - well I just dreamt I spent a few hours (yes, hours) at a electronics store buying a Zune MP3 player - but it wasn't the HD version, it was the old 'brown' version.

Fate? crazyness?