Saturday, October 24, 2009

They're killing my childhood!

This year in media land, has been a rough one. Earlier this year, Clear Channel Radio announced a shake up in DJs - laying off Lanai and Jr. K Jr (who eventually returned) and replaced them with Hot 939's Wake up crew - yes Rory Wild and Gregg Hammer! I believe they've been there for about 19 years or so. Since then, KCCN FM 100 got Augie T to team up with Lina Girl (IMO sounds horrible).

Then a few months later, (as previously posted) KHNL/KFVE and KGMB agreed to a shared services agreement causing a lot of layoffs - but mostly from the KHNL camp.

(I'm a huge fan of this) Power Rangers - which has been on the air for about 17 years won't have a 2010 season. However, the original Japanese Sentai series will continue (Power Rangers is based off of the Sentai series).

All that's left is Legos. :(


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