Sunday, November 29, 2009

so that's how you 'install' an application on a mac

I thought the .dmg files on a Mac was like .exe files on windows - so when I opened my firefox icon on the taskbar, it opened another window, then I double click on that to open FF. When I installed dropbox, it said to drag the icon (program file) onto the applications shortcut folder provided.

I guess you can call me a noob Mac user.

EDIT: Incase anyone gets this post by the keywords 'osx86' and 'dropbox', it doesn't work. Whenever I restart my laptop, dropbox asks me for a password, and apparently it restarts finder, thus getting a kernel panic. [source]. Without inputting my password, I can get dropbox to work, since it still syncs my files.

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

So full!!

We had our thanksgiving lunch at our house, and after two trips to the table, I think I can sleep for a couple of days without going hungry. Two different turkeys, stuffing galore, bbq meat, chow mein, babinka... and that was just the first part - my aunty and uncle came late so they brought seafood galore!

Give me a wheelchair... and happy thanksgiving!

annnoying neighbor


Seriously. My next door neighbor is starting up their mower (or something with a loud motor - and since I smell grass, I assume its a mower) at 7:00 in the morning! ON THANKSGIVING DAY!!!

Why am I up at 7am on thanksgiving day? I couldn't go back to sleep after using the toilet (it sucks getting old)


Monday, November 23, 2009

12 hour shift on the road

Whew! I just went all over the island today: H1, H2, H3, pickup people, drop them off, and repeat for the entire day. I did get a break - but that was 5 minutes to use the restroom, then it was back on the road. And I think I'm getting the hang of eating at stoplights.

Taxi drivers, bus drivers, and anyone else who spends their time transporting people: I salute you!

Friday, November 20, 2009

OMG digital!!!

Another thanks to for their quick ordering process and excellent product service, and UPS for their quick 3 day shipping. But this post isn't about newegg or UPS, its about going from Analog to Digital.

No, not that analog to digital, going from a VGA connection to a HDMI/DVI connection on my laptop. I've been using a VGA connection on my laptop (since my desktop's HDD crashed) to pipe video from my laptop's 'puny' 15.6" screen to my regular 22" LCD screen. I guess I got used to it but when I initially connected the two together, everything was blurry. Now everything is crystal clear!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

whohooo! 31 miles on the odometer!

You know you're a geek when...

... you take a picture of your vehicle's odometer at the magical 11,111 mile mark (it converts to the number 31 if 11111 is converted from decimal to binary):

Monday, November 16, 2009

OSX86: welcome to the internet!

I went out and got a D-Link DWA-140 from my local Office Max store, and after a restart - it can go online!!!! 

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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Even in hackintosh form, its costing me money

Okay, I admit it: my netbook can't go online without sneakernet. LAN nor WIFI can be detected by the Mac OS, and it looks like I have to resort to buying a USB wifi adapter soon. Unfortunately, for me to use the Mac OS for more than word processing, making presentations, and watching videos - I have to go online.

Yes, even in a hackintosh form, Apple is costing me money.

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A true hybrid

After a week of tweaking it, my netbook is ready for its debut:

Mac OSX86:

Windows 7:

Both are dual booting on my Samsung LT20 netbook.

Next up? Google Android. :D

Friday, November 13, 2009

Yay for google street view?

Earlier this week, Google Maps finally released Street View in Hawaii. Its not a complete tour of Oahu, but atleast it's a start. However, the privacy feature (it blurs out basically words and faces of people captured by the street view car) is too powerful: it blurred out the names of buildings for locations I'm checking out. I use the feature to see how to enter the area (traffic, exact turns, etc) for my job, and I just want to be extra sure I know where I'm going so that I don't miss the entrance.

Oh well, I can look for a turn around point.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Its done!!!

Yep, I just finished the hard part of installing both Mac OS X and Windows 7 on my Gateway netbook. All that's missing are the drivers to go online in my Mac partition. Sound, display - they all work!

Monday, November 09, 2009

welcome to the wonderful world of reinstalling!

Like the boy who cried wolf, I made an early judgment call that didn't come true. Well, I had Mac OS X running, but I forgot a step and when I restarted - POOF!

*restarts the installation and grabs his Nintendo DS lite*

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Mac OS X: here I come!

I gotta stop posting before I finish something, but I'm so excited I got a Mac OS X disc to boot on my netbook (its via an external CD drive and not a USB disc - but that's not the point).

Now, where's an apple sticker...

Its a rebadged Acer Aspire one!

While trying to find out if (and how) to install Mac OS X onto my Gateway netbook, I found out that its a rebadged Acer Aspire One D250! I could have saved myself $150! (then again, I could have saved that much by not shopping at Best Buy - but you gotta do what you gotta do to have something now).


Saturday, November 07, 2009

netbook is now running windows 7 RC1 (for now)

I'll probably keep RC1 on my netbook for about 2 weeks - max, as I get Windows 7 Home Premium (pay $80 for anytime upgrade? please). Kaspersky Internet Security, Foxit reader, Google Chrome - all of the light apps I have is installed.

Who needs a loud desktop?


So bad, he's going to Windows 7 RC1

Yes, I got fed up with the lack luster features of Windows 7 Starter, I'm currently installing Windows 7 RC1 - its not like I'll be leaving it on forever -- and few people will know the difference.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

oh no, he got another one

I forgot what number laptop this is, but I got a Gateway netbook. Its nothing fancy: Intel Atom CPU, 1gb RAM (I'll probably upgrade later); 250gb SATA HDD; Intel GMA integrated video card; 10.1" LCD screen.

I was too lazy to upgrade from XP to '7 on the Dell mini; and a HP netbook with ION was out of my budget.

Right now, I'm just removing all of the preinstalled stuff, and about to make a recovery ISO (you thought I was going to say recovery CD huh?) and find out how to operate with Windows 7 starter.

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Depression sucks

I guess it wasn't the flu/cold that I was feeling for the past couple of days - it was depression. How I'd get out of it? I fell asleep earlier this afternoon and had a strange dream about my past, then woke up with a splitting headache - like someone dropped something on me or something.

Next up: getting a netbook(?)

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

I hate being sick

For the past seven days, I've been having off and on again symptoms of the flu, even though I supposedly took the flu shot from my local walgreens.

To make it worse, testing for the swine flu is limited since there's apparently a high number of cases that's going into the state department of health, and a doctor can't determine if I have the swine flu by the symptoms.

Basically, I feel fine in the morning, but since I'm still recovering, I stay home - then towards the afternoon/evening time, I get the symptoms (bodyache, weakness, headache, sneezing, etc) then I take medicine. If it wasn't for my Nintendo DS lite or computer, then I'd get cabin fever.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Sharepod: *thumbs up*

After my desktop's HDD crashed, I realized I didn't sync my 3rd gen iPod Touch with my latest music I put on my 1st gen iPod Touch.

I first tried to install iTunes on my 64 bit install of Windows XP to use iGadget, but it didn't work. Thinking its because of the 64 bit OS, I fired up vmware and installed a 32 bit version of XP on it. When iGadget wouldn't work, I googled a bit and found Sharepod. I installed it and am now currently copying all music from my iPod Touch onto my virtual machine. Yes, I have to copy it back to my Vista machine or use Vmware to manage my 1st gen iPod touch, but atleast I didn't lose years of music.

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