Sunday, December 27, 2009

first live blog: bowling

Sorry for the empty post if you followed this earlier, but as the title says, this was my first live post from an event made with my mytouch phone. I was able to make the title, but I couldn't type the body in the compose area - and I'm not about to make one line from HTML with no line breaks.

I'll be working on it.

Google almosts controls my life.

Yesterday, I got myself a gift and bought a T-mobile MyTouch cell phone, along with a 3G connection (eat that ATT and Verizon).

The phone itself - its different. Sure, its basically Linux based, but now I have all three camps battling out on my mobile phones instead of my computers (iPod touch = Apple; Windows Mobile = Microsoft; Android = Linux). As soon as I got it home, it was filled with music and supposedly a few wallpapers, but I think I have to make a custom wallpaper for this phone.

Yes, I signed away my life to T-mobile, but if I wanted to, then I would have changed carriers a long time ago.

Gmail, blogger, Maps, traffic, information - Google really does almost control my life - now if I only got Google Voice.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Almost a year

I just finished doing a hard reset on my HTC Touch Pro, because I've decided to sell it. Sure, it has a stylus and a physical keyboard, but this is my first touchscreen phone, and as history tells me, my first items don't really hold up well to future use - improvements must be made and the evolutionary line must continue for me to be a successful gadget freak.

I ordered the phone on December 26, and it arrived a few days later - on December 31, with a screen protector being installed in a smokey bathroom (because of the fireworks) before midnight. I thought it was the coolest thing - having a touchscreen for accurate taps, and a physical keyboard to type out those long text messages, and occasional word documents thanks to office mobile. I had a hatred for the iPhone because it was so expensive to get, and I always wanted a physical QWERTY keyboard to type text messages. Alast, I stopped using it after I got my Nokia 5310 phone in about April-May because I wanted a thinner phone. I occasionally used the TP for the camera and the GPS ability, but I wanted the thin style of a Razr, with the power of a smartphone. Now, when I use the TP, it feels like a brick on my waist since it's so big. However, along with the ability to type out long documents and messages, when I used my bluetooth headset, I was able to pair it with no hassles.

Of course, I'll be getting an android phone, but it won't be the Samsung Behold II since my younger brother had a bad experience with it (and my sister is starting to show dislike for the phone, but she's happy since she got a 'new phone' (hand me down from said brother who eventually upgraded to the mytouch)) - maybe the Motorola cliq since a physical keyboard won't hurt me - or maybe another HTC phone - but no sliders.

Stay tuned.

Thanks KSSK radio

Without KSSK radio's nonstop christmas music on the radio, I wouldn't have been able to have the house full of (the same) christmas music. From the front of the house where people ate, to the kitchen, to the back where more cooking happened - it was filled with KSSK radio.

Now, to nurse my belly full of food and find out what I'll do with the money I got.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

And thus, it begins

The food portion of our shopping just ended, and two refrigerators and freezers are full of food for tomorrow's lunch (and dinner). The next 12 hours will be filled with cooking, baking, gathering, and setting up for the meals we'll partake in.

From my famliy to yours, Mele Kalikimaka and a Hau'oli Makahiki Hou! (Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year)

Monday, December 21, 2009

I hate shaving with cream and sugar

(I know the difference between an electric shaver and a regular straight razor, but I needed to make a pun in the title)

Anyway, it was time for my monthly facial shaving, and I decided to use the good ol' electric razor instead of my recently bought straight razr. I have less mess with the electric (remove shirt; stand infront of standing mirror; shave; sweep shaved hair from floor) than with a straight razor (bathe first to soften skin; fill sink with water; change blade; apply shaving cream; stand infront of vanity mirror and shave; cover nicked skin with a paper tissue; continue shaving until face is either smooth or covered with miniature japanese flags; drain sink; remove excess hair from sink/drain; clean up; apply aftershave).

Sure, my face isn't as smooth if I use an electric razor than using a regular straight razor, but I have no girlfriend to slather me with kisses or rub her face against mine while cuddling. As long as I don't look like a hobo, then I'm OK.

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Saturday, December 19, 2009

I'm thinking of getting another phone

No, I'm not thinking of just getting another phone - I'm thinking of trading in my HTC Touch Pro phone and getting an Android-based phone. Its just sitting on my desk for months (last use was in October), and probably that's because I finally conceive that Windows Mobile needs work compared to Apple's OS (in my case, the iPod touch) and from what I've read, Google's Android mobile OS.

Sure, I have a physical keyboard and the ability to tap out word documents on the fly or make charts with Microsoft Excel, but I now have a netbook for those (plus, my iPod touch for quick notes). Plus, with a flashlight on my belt, the TP feels a bit big and awkward.

Of course, there's some cons about getting an Android phone: I won't have the physical keyboard that I grown to love when I have a bunch of text messages to answer, and its still in it infancy compared to Windows Mobile.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Its so huge!

Now that my desktop is back online, I shifted my computers around for my use when I'm not in my room. Right now, I'm using my gaming laptop while watching TV, and the 15.6" screen is huge (compared to my 10.1" netbook screen).

Monday, December 07, 2009

I can't read

So I spent about $4.50 on the bus fare to go to downtown just to be told by a clerk there that I couldn't follow the instructions properly on my vehicle registration form (she also mentioned a lot of people made that mistake, so I guess its the city's fault).

To make it worse, I was standing up the entire bus ride going to downtown!

Saturday, December 05, 2009

I'm lazy

Okay, I'm not that lazy, since I took the time to set it up, but after installing Windows on my desktop, I configured Remote Desktop on both my laptop and desktop so I can log in remotely from my laptop... which is currently about 2 feet away from me.

LOL. And of course, I can transfer files to and from it, so that's also a plus. :D

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Like a comfy couch

At the moment, I'm reinstalling Windows onto a 640gb HDD I bought from Newegg (where else?) on my desktop - hey, its 3 years old but its still going strong.

And its been about 41 days since I last used it, so its good to be back.

The reason why I'm doing it is because I want to play GTA:IV without no crashes or abnormal behavior (my laptop heats up like texas in the summertime, and when it does, the screen goes all 8bit with weird colors).

Now my laptop will probably go to meeting duties (using a full size keyboard and whipping out a xbox 360 controller to play games on downtimes will surely make people look at me weird), while my netbook will probably be my Mac, a backup computer, or a quick way to go online when my iPod Touches aren't feasible.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

driving skill: +50 exp. pts.

I noticed that ever since I started driving almost daily for my Mom, I've gotten better at driving. When I initially got my drivers license, I was in college, just driving to the movie store, get groceries, then it progressed to driving to work. Now that I am driving while working, I learned that people here are idiots. I see that taxi drivers, bus drivers, delivery truck drivers - anyone who drives for a living -- you can see that they've been doing this for a while - and some even being irate and forgot the basics (or sometimes unwritten rules) of driving and operating a motor vehicle.

Yes, its a case of "the more you do it, the more you gain experience."

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

I like spam for breakfast, not in my email

Looks like a website I signed up at is selling my email address, because I just received a half dozen spam messages from it - the good news is that I finally received my first nigerian email from someone in South Africa.

I gotta start using my disposable email account.