Monday, January 18, 2010

our area is much safer... if you have a zoom camera

Last night, the wonderful guys from the City and County apparently did some sewage work by the drainage canal along the back of my house. This morning, I spot this sign:

Can't see it? Let me zoom in:

Too blurry? Let me refocus and zoom in again:

Sewage contaminated water. Luckily we don't fish or swim or do whatever in those water, but my neighbors does, and they probably can't see the sign unless they have super vision (or a good camera like me). Or probably its for the people who walk along the bike path. I don't know.

EDIT: Here's an article courtesy of

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The silence is killing me!

Now that I can play GTA:IV on medium settings with no lag or stuttering, I'll be using my laptop until I can upgrade my 4 year old desktop. Unfortunately, using it creates a 'silent room'm which is only broken by the sounds of cars speeding by in the neighborhood (which shouldn't be since its a residential street with a dead end a few feet away) and the occasional fire department siren test.

Also, using mobile computers can give me the opportunity to get a new desk, but then if I rebuild my desktop, I'll either have to get a new desk, go SFF, or have an empty space on the desk for the desktop.

Oh well, atleast I can actually leave my laptop on when I sleep and do virus scans, disk defragmentation, and other essential things.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Houston: we're running out of space

I'm a digital pack rat - always keeping whatever files I think I might need in the future on any hard drive space I can cram it into: laptop, netbook, desktop, external hard drives, SD cards, usb flash drives - if it had space last month, it's probably running out of space at this moment.

I just priced out the cost of one SD card, and it comes out to about $0.46 per Gigabyte, while a 320gb 2.5" HDD comes out to about $0.25 per Gigabyte. I say 2.5" because I already have 1.5TB of external drives on my desk, and I don't have room for a 4th.

Then again, if I do get another storage drive, it'll just fuel the excuse to fill it up.

Friday, January 15, 2010

5.5 hours driving, and my okole is sore!

(for you people who are local to Hawaii, okole means butt)

I started driving nonstop at 10am today, going from downtown to Waianae, then back to downtown. When I stopped at the hospital to drop the person off, another person whom another driver was supposed to pickup was ready, so off to Waianae. Since traffic was terrible for a furlough friday, when I went back downtown to wait, I got a call that my first pickup was done! So back to their home in Waianae. The only time I did get out of the driver's seat was to load the wheelchair into the van.

Oh well, atleast its better than listening to people talk about their computer problems all day.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

netbook power!

I just installed (wonderful photoshop alternative) onto my netbook, and this was the first time it used about 75% of the 2gb of RAM... with firefox open and 11 tabs and 3 add-ons installed. Then again, I am taking precautions and using this as a limited-resource computer.

Now I can do quick photo edits on scene when I'm taking pictures. If I could only have island wide internet, then I can leave my house and plant my face infront of my netbook where ever I go.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

boca di beppo's vegetarian pizza: 2 thumbs up!

After me and a friend went to Ala Moana Center tonight, we stopped by Boca Di Beppo at Ward Center to grab a pizza. The pizza was a huge rectangle, with cheese, corn, taro chips, and mushrooms. Yes: corn and taro chips. The corn part made the pizza extra divine - I wonder if Pizza Hut will start adding corn to their pizza?

upgrading to multi-tier levels

This gadget love has gotta stop for me. I just bought my first major 2010 purchase: a Canon SD780 IS camera; along with 2x 8gb SD cards (for this and my S5 IS camera); and a 2gb PC2-5300 RAM stick for my netbook.

I said multi-tier in this entry's title, because now I have atleast two devices in each category: (mobile) computers; cellular phones; and cameras. In the computer department, I have atleast 3 tiers: my desktop (which will see an upgrade either later this year or next year); gaming laptop (and a heater if I need it); and netbook (now with 2gb, for even faster note taking). My cameras include a Canon Powershot S5 IS, for my more 'professional' shoots and the newly bought Canon Powershot SD780 IS, for when I need to take a quick shot. Finally, there's my cellular phones: the T-mobile MyTouch for my mobile internet and all around phone, and the Nokia 5310, for a basic phone with music capabilities.

Don't worry, I still have my car.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

3 more years till my 10th year reunion!

I just realized its 3 more years to my 10th year high school reunion! Most of my classmates and friends are still on the island, but I wonder who changed?

Damn, I'm getting old.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Playing the game in real life

The only video game I play on a constant basis right now is Grand Theft Auto, so I'm a bit surprised that me and my family and friends have been playing activities that are in the game. First it was bowling and now its pool. Like bowling, its a long time to play between a few people, but time wasn't on our side since we were at my cousin's house for just a couple of hours.

Up next? Darts, and maybe steal a few high end cars and going to strip clubs (just kidding on the darts part :P )

Monday, January 04, 2010

I can't sleep!

The doctor gave me a medicine to help with my allergies (which is gone) but now I have a new problem: insomnia. I can't sleep!!!

I really want to work tomorrow (or in a few hours since its passed midnight here) but if I don't get atleast 6 hours of sleep, (which I won't get) then I might doze off on the job (which is really bad when you're driving). To make it worse, the doctor wants me to come in today too, which I don't feel up to par to drive, which means someone has to drive me - and everyone who can drive will be working (ironic, since I drive people to their doctors appointments, and I can't get a ride to mine).

Sunday, January 03, 2010

I just realized something...

I just realized, since I always switch phones ever few months, I gotta either stay with the MyTouch, or hope that I'll upgrade to another android phone (probably the Google Nexus One) and the MyTouch internet plan will still be usable on that phone.

Now I know why I hate contracts.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

My old friend the nebulizer

I went to the doctor's office today, and they prescribed me a nebulizer for my difficulty breathing. I didn't use a nebulizer for about 15 years since I had my asthma attacks. I guess the shrimp/fireworks smoke triggered it bad enough for me to have one again. Oh well, atleast I can still multitask.

Friday, January 01, 2010

Testing from blogaway app

I just downloaded the blogaway app from the android store, and I need to test it out.  If this is successful, no more using any browser to post.

And double spacing in WYSIWYG so far works.


testing mobile blogging

I'm typing this from my phone via opera, so hopefully it works. Hmm, I can't make a double space. and my nose is stuffed like the freeways when our president is on the roads.

I knew I avoided eating shellfish for a reason

Last night, me and a friend stopped by my cousin's house to pickup food for the New Years Eve celebrations. While there, we decided it wouldn't hurt if we'd eat a quick dinner before we headed home. I got a couple of fried wontons I thought was either pork or shrimp, not a combination of both as I found out later. I only took a few bites when I learned of that news, so I polite saved the rest for later and continued eating. This morning, I wake up with trouble breathing through my nose. Thinking it was my asthma being triggered from the smoke of last night, I took a couple of puffs from my inhaler, which helped a bit, but it didn't clear it. I then remembered last night, and googled 'shellfish allergies' and lo and behold, I was allergic to shellfish. My younger brother was allergic too, but we also shared other allergies from our hanabata days. Luckily, we have medicine to combat this, and after a few minutes of taking it, I can breathe through my nose again.

Normally, I'd avoid eating shellfish (mainly crab, shrimp and lobster) just because I'm accustomed to the smell that they radiate when my family leaves them out with either an improper cooking, or it isn't in ice for a long time. Also, I guess I was 'scared' by the crab shell because my family used to keep a couple out hanging on a fence and I'd avoid that side of the house for years. I guess that was my body's way of telling me to avoid shellfish because without medicine, I would have died.

Great. Started the New Year with a life-threatening experience.

EDIT: Yeah, I gotta avoid eating shellfish. The medicine I took knocked me out cold for a few hours. I'll be going to the doctor tomorrow to see if there's anything he could do about this.