Thursday, September 30, 2010

girls, don't wear short skirts or tight pants and expect men to pay attention while driving

yeah, looking inside a vehicle for sale on the side of a road with a flashlight isn't suspicious at all.

I wonder how it'll feel to go down makakilo drive on a bike?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Then again, the Zune software has its own faults too: can't drag and drop music into a created playlist - that's all I can think about

I'll try to be open and use both Zune and iTunes, but how can I when Apple is stuck in the 20th century? Paying for each song? Please.

And what I meant by "paying for each song" each song = $0.99 or whatever price it is.

man, the itunes software is so archaic!

I really should remove itunes from my window 7 machines and just have it on my Mac installs.

halloween isn't done, yet sears is putting up xmas trees

traffic was bad this morning. 45 min from ewa to downtown!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Carl's jr should be called in 'n out. Because everything went in this afternoon, and now it's coming out the other end... badly

phone numbers aren't IP addresses - they need dashes, not periods. (555-1234, not 555.1234 - heck, there's not even a 555 range)

Everyone in my family knows how to ride a bike except for my Mom.

Our house is so big, it takes me 35 seconds to walk from one end of the house to the other.

Don't tell me any spoilers from hawaii5-0. I'll watch it this afternoon.


Monday, September 27, 2010

I wished SSDs were cheaper, then I'd get one for my netbook. Maybe a 60gb SSD would be nice, put Ubuntu (which is pretty good)

Currently, there's 29 items on my dock. Luckily I have a widescreen laptop.

I'm currently at pearlridge. thank god for ac and comfy seats.

wait a minute... I didn't get a birthday cake on my birthday! a scoop of ice cream with a candle doesn't replace it.

and yes, I could have gotten it cheaper online, but I couldn't wait.

emailing your receipt is genius! that's the only thing the apple store did right. I still had to pay $100 for a webcam

about to enter the apple store to get a camera for my hackintosh

finally the restrooms near sears at ala moana center is being renovated

Sunday, September 26, 2010

grandma sure has a lot of stuff for someone her age

Either people in my neighborhood drive too fast, or too slow.

I <3 compact cars

I forgot how bad brick and motar stores were, with kids crying and bad customer service.

The sad part about the Android OS is that it's true: Android is not ready for the tablet scene. It's ready for phones, but not tablets.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Facebook is crashing Firefox on my desktop.

Must wait for the Samsung Galaxy Tab and not purchase an iPad - that's going to the dark side.

Yes, the Zune music software has a screensaver when music is playing.

I'm listening to Michael Jackson's "beat it", and on the Zune screensaver, there was a picture of a monster that scared me.

I guess having a red handicap sticker means the person has severe mental problems.

as long as civil unions does not equal marriage, then I support it.

Found it. It was in the downstairs kitchen.

Damn, where are my car keys? Now I want to know what I did last night after dinner.

Wow, that was the first time the Zune software crashed on my computer, unlike other media players which crashed a bunch of times...

And is a 32 inch TV too big when you're sitting a couple of feet away from it?

TV prices are going to drop this fall: I wonder how much my monitor stand can hold?

oh man, just got up and my head is throbbing. I hope I didn't do anything last night that I'll regret.

Friday, September 24, 2010

I'm really itching for a new phone. But I just realized I'll just move onto a new phone in a few months.

need to find outlet soon

we took a bunch of pics but no food

how can girls handle wearing headbands?

I don't even know where's my own car's fuel door

my car is clean! thanks ashton!

You can tell your Network System Administrator is bored when they do this:

Lee town center in waipahu isn't very friendly to wheelchair-bound people

pizza hut/target is so much better than little caesars/kmart

watch out for a decorated blue mazda3 2nite!

Only got 3 hours of REM sleep. Look out for a white wheelchair van swerving on the road.

oh, and bathroom paper towels really sucks when crying. bring kleenex.

Can anyone else sleep, because I can't.

ho, night stay hot, cuz.

only when I drive across waipahu, does my eyes feel heavy.

going out for a drive...

yay, I have insomnia for my birthday

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The last hour of being 24 years old. It can only get better...

Now you can have all of the lechon you want up in heaven.


every website I'm a member is sending me happy bday emails when its not even the 24th in hawaii

I'm feeling so much emotional pain right now.

1900hrs good bye grandpa

reading reddit while in the hospital

don't know how I'll go through the next few days

grandpa's heartrate is going down. worst bday present ever.

someone is cutting onions in my grandpa's room

halloween is the worst holiday for diabetics

Today I learned that Gilbert Gottfried does the voice of the Aflac duck. You've learned something new today. Go play video games now.

Who the heck puts a readme file as a .doc and not a .txt file?

damn it @hot939, all of your songs is from my playlist

damn city's handivan driver almost hit me while backing up in an intersection.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Which makes me even sadder because I won't be able to go anywhere or do anything without getting other people sick.

It wasn't like I was going to celebrate my 25th bday anyway, since it's also my grandparents' 65th wedding anniversary.

Looks like someone is sick in my household because I'm sick again with the cold. FML, there goes my bday.

I'm sticking to my netbook for a while.


an update to my flatpad: you get what you pay for. Its very cheap, and wifi sucks (that's the reason it came with a NIC adapter)


Poll: 1 In 5 Americans Believe Obama Is A Cactus:

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I'll buy a couple of these and relive my childhood:

apparently a gurney can fit in a side access wheelchair van

the beeping one of my clients has is driving me crazy while driving!

Its really good that krey-z oshiro is back with the wake up crew on @island985.

I thought the wake up crew was going to flip @island985

@island985 just played a song that's supposed to be on @hot939, but its by bruno mars.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Just watched hawaii5-O, and now I'll be watching out for all of the local places.


one thing I like about having dual monitors, is that I can have MCE open on one and turned off, while I can use the other monitor for work

I setup my computer to record the debut of HawaiiFive-O. Hopefully it'll be a better reboot than KnightRider.

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OMG, I just heard an 'N sync song on @939jamz. Talk about memories.

@Hot939 is still alive on their HD2 stations. *cough*#ZuneHD*cough*

the definition of lazy:

I hate waiting for my car insurance proof since I forgot to replace my current one. Now I can't drive anywhere and I'm getting depressed :(

Saturday, September 18, 2010

I'll hit the hay. I'm satisfied as to how it turned out on the 2nd printout.

I hate it when politicians mix religion into their campaign.

I'm kind of happy of the first batch of results.

follow @hawaiielection to see the updated results

A customizable electronic toothbrush?

I wish my car insurance's insurance card was printable from my computer.

currently at midas' speedee oil change for my car's maintenance

I voted. did you?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

valet my car, and I find a different in my car's CD player, with my cd on the floor. Never again.

I gotta get a 2nd battery for my phone if we'll continue these hospital visits.

today has been a long day

my netbook can't handle HD video from my camera :(

yay, party at the hospital!

damn, a mailbox jumped into the back of my car while I was reversing

right now, there's nothing that can help relieve the pain

I'm sorry for those of you whom I've snapped at, or will snap at within the coming days. I'm really stressed with this.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I don't even feel like celebrating anything right now.

The next few days or so will be rough for all of us, but I might take it the hardest.

Great. I'm in a state of denial with my grandpa's condition.

107 pictures totaling 17.5gb of pictures. Wow.

I'm not even half way through cropping the scanned pictures and its already 5gb big. I gotta take a break.

7gb of scanned pictures. Gotta crop them, then organize them... for something.

just changed a tire for 30 minutes, and now the spare is flat. FML

Yes fellow drivers, my brakes do work. Does your brain work?

I dare someone to walk up an escalator going down.

back at ala moana center for the 2nd time today

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

SneakerNet: a way a geek is able to get his exercise.

never listen to a lullaby song while doing work.

I scanned for 4 hours straight until my HP scanner decided to stop working for a while. I gotta get a new AIO printer/scanner/copier.

and yes, I was listening to @weirdal's Wanna B Ur Lovr

Girl, you must be Jamaican, because Jamaican me crazy

My love for you'd like diarrhea, I just can't hold it in

I wish that I was cross-eyed, girl, so I could see you twice.

I don't have a library card, but do you mind if I check you out?

Something I noticed: whenever there's a party at our house, there's always a rice cooker at the food table.

Currently scanning pictures for the upcoming parties. If anyone has a scanner and a laptop, you're welcome to come over and help.

Is your apple computer feeling slow? Follow this to refresh it:

Monday, September 13, 2010

so tired...

they really need more filipino speaking nurses at the hospital

my grandpa is bringing everyone to the hospital

tempura fried bacon... sounds good right now.

Got the DVR to record the season of HawaiiFive-O. And since its at 9pm, I can watch it in my room after work OTA.


Shoot. I can't find my DS Lite. I have to use my DSi XL - it's too big!

why do people walk down a full escalator when there's an empty stairs next to it?

Thanks to the Wake Up Crew, I now have a disturbing image of Beth Chapman running. I need eye bleach.

Walked out to my car, and my front left tire was flat for some reason. At least it wasn't a dead battery...

Everyone loves candy... except diabetics.

Monday, the 13th. The worst of all Mondays.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Little girl has a catchy dance:

Bicyclists need a front and rear light, in addition to a vest when riding at night. Or a flashing vest, maybe with a "eat at joe's" sign.

(at least not yet, as I don't have any money to upgrade)

I gotta get a full case for my phone before I do any serious bike riding. I don't want to lose my MyTouch.

phone battery is at 30%. need a power source soon.

deep fried twinkies... why?

I really wish I can better understand and speak ilocano.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Tip: never ride a bike when you're half asleep - use your car.

at least my grandpa knows how to operate the hospital bed

Today's tech tip is: Printable Paper!

I'm too big for a 20" bike and I'm a bit too small for a 24" bike (like, and inch) and so far, I didn't find any 22" bikes.

a 24" bike from walmart is cheaper than my 20" bike from a local bike shop.

fresh air at walmart pearl city!

yay for early saturday banking

Within 5 minutes, I have a playlist for this Patriot Day. Thanks zunepass


Friday, September 10, 2010

my mom, me and frank is at the park. mom is learning how to balance

when in doubt, follow the handi-van

they should give out free water for people stuck in traffic

off to HMC-E

I better start putting on some sunscreen before I become like the Stig's truck driving cousin.

Whoohoo! The weekends is almost here! TGIF! TGIF!

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Looks like @Tmobile announced the G2. Too bad I have my sights on a WindowsPhone7 device. (plus, its not even a year into my contract)


my grandparents are so cute!

I just figured out that my neighborhood block is about 0.5 miles round trip. And it includes free obstacles!

Just got a free bike from my aunty. I now gotta clean it, replace/inflate the tires and I'm ready to bike on the road.

EWWWWW!!! ROACHES!! (why does the first powerpuff girls' episode have to be about roaches?) (yes, I got the complete DVD set)

waiting, waiting, waiting...

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

To make Loco Moco's Garlic Chicken better, add spaghetti meat sauce.

I think some people drank an extra bottle of stupid this evening.

if this was 7 years ago, Id be in waipahu now. but it isnt. im pooped.

i am so out of shape

about to hit the bike trail from blaisdell park going towards waipahu hs

I'm so bored, I'm watching pimp my ride.

I gotta avoid the LEGOs store if I have money.

I need something to do. Lets troll the apple store peeps.

ok, I didnt finish my smoothie. ugh, I hate throwing away food.

um, mcd please leave the smoothie making to jamba juice. the only reason Im finishing it is I paid for it.

walking around an empty ala moana center again

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

hmm I already have a front light for my bike, and I need a bell + a loud horn for cars. I'm running out of space on my handle bar.

Damn. I want to bike to the store, but I don't have a lock for my bike yet, much less a kick stand.

get so many people at pali momi, they're letting my grandpa stay in a ER room. Go to queens or straub if nees to go hospital.

I should learn how to be prepared for hospital visits. Maybe bring a book, or a translator.

pali momi ER is very full

my grandpa is in the hospital again. gonna provide support again.

Today's google doodle is kind of fun.

you know you're old when you have old school songs

Monday, September 06, 2010

Now, if there was a cloud based service for zunepass, that'd be awesome. Access your music from anywhere.


I wonder if I should get a motorcycle?

I thought today was sunday.

Got a helmet and a front light. Just need to get a vest and a chain for my bike.

Thank god I don't have to listen to beiber, rihanna, or lady gaga on @939jamz.

you're just about as useless as JPEGs to Hellen Keller

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Just reversed parked my car and the back of my car was a millimeter away from the wall

Yeah, hills + long rides are my enemies. Single speed BMX bikes are really not for commuting. My thighs hurt so bad.

currently riding on bike path

the macarena on @939jamz?

With the planning of a hitch for a bike rack, there goes my idea to lower my car. I think I gotta install 18" wheels too for more clearance

I can only ride in the street/parking lots, not in tight places with less than a foot between me and a wall. Dang it.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Now that I can ride, maybe I want a 10 speed bike, or a very bright LED front light, ooh, or a air horn to honk at cars to avoid accidents.

I'm a bike riding geek!

Let it be known, that at 19:08 HST on the 4th of September, 2010, I have taken my first bite at bicycling! And with no hurts, bumps, or injuries!

Oh, and yes, a single speed BMX bike does suck for speed. I got tired the first couple of yards trying to pedal my fastest.

Damn, now I really gotta accessorize: helmet, front lights, and a stand.

damn a single speed bike sucks

yes! my first 10ft on the bike!

OMG, GTA ELS v5 has the ability for AI to use the ELS lights! geek gtaplayer

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Either I'm getting good, or scareware is getting lazy because I just removed a few in about 15 minutes.

Sick with major body ache, and I can't go to the doctor's. Even if I could find a ride, they'll close in 30 minutes (or may have closed).

Friday, September 03, 2010

I guess there's a football game at Waipahu HS, since I can hear the echos from here.

ah, puff daddy's "I'll be missing you" is a good song to symbolize how I feel about i-94/Hot 939

@939jamz needs to change their commercials to reflect the change. @Hot939 was mentioned on a commercial.

ooh, @939jamz has commercial free mondays. Just keep on playing the good music!

bleh, I have a sore throat and bodyache. I thought I kicked the cold last week. Put up your antivirus people (orange juice, medicine, etc)

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Almost there!

So, lately I've been learning how to ride my bike. It's been two weeks since I bought it, and I think tonight I made the most headway: riding it on a slight downhill slope at a local park parking lot. I got the balance down (going like 5 mph downhill) and now I just need to learn how to mount the pedals and ride without an aid of a hill.

I should have done that after I got my bike!

The only bad thing about me learning how to ride a bike, is after I get the hang of it, I'd have to get a helmet, chain lock, and front light. Then I can go anywhere my car won't take me and I'm too lazy to walk.

just reached home, so don't bother me :)

maybe I shouldn't try to pedal UPhill...

thank god for hand brakes

Grr. Firefox keeps on freezing. Gotta use Chrome for a while.

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damn, its like one song I know after another on @939jamz

Nelly's 'Hot in herre' is old school?

Listening to @939Jamz

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

After flashing my flatpad, its a bit stable. I'll continue to do a full test and report back.


Sorry for the rain. I just washed a van today.

First, an email about the new digg (which sucks), and now a notice about how twitter authenticates. Their both late.

Oh, this explains why I can't log into any twitter apps in Google Toolbar:

Apple: get a music subscription service, then I'll be back.


What's funny is IMO Apple can't do a proper music/video player, but they do great in the apps dept yet they have all of these acc for music


At least this will save my money for a Windows Phone 7-based phone. I can't believe I'm going back to a Windows-based phone.

I just read what Apple had to show off. No subscription service? boo. I'll stick to Zune.